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    Plasti dip headlight protection

    Has anyone used clear plasti dip as headlight protection? Couldn't find much info, but the one video I found looked like it turned out pretty well.
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    Happy New Year TYF!!!

    Thank you! Loved the tune on my 2007 and can't wait to get the one for my 2017! You guys rock!
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    UPR Catch Can w/CSS

    Thanks for the info guys!
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    UPR Catch Can w/CSS

    I tried reading some info on their website, but can't figure out exactly what the CSS version does differently than the non-CSS. Can someone give me some insight on this?
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    4WD service light and “Limp mode”

    May or may not be your issue, but when mine did this it was an issue with the AFM. One of the lifters wasn't "waking up" when going from V4 to V8. It was stuck and had to be replaced. After that, I had to AFM programmed out.
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    Cruise Control Not Working (not brake switch, LED's, or 3rd Brake light)

    Searched around and those are the only issues I could find. Replaced the brake switch, don't have LED's and the 3rd brake light functions properly. Anyone have any suggestions, or fixed something other than those 3 when cruise control wasn't working?
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    07 Tahoe ltz lights flickering

    Yes. Mine was up and down a bit, but never below 12 or so.
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    07 Tahoe ltz lights flickering

    This issue led to great frustration for me and I wanted to share my results here. All of my lights (interior, headlights, gauges, etc.) were intermittently flickering very badly. I checked the grounds that were easy to get to, cleaned them and it did not fix the problem. A week ago I replaced...
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    Range AFM Disabling device?

    Mine worked like a champ. I recently had an in-person BB tune done so don't need it anymore. If you have any interest in purchasing it shoot me a PM.
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    Can't find this mirror part??

    That's a good idea! Do you know if there is any way to get that piece off, without removing the entire mirror?
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    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Installed K&N filter, and Airaid Jr MIT. Yesterday evening, but hopefully still counts.......
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    Ground wire locations??

    Do you have to take the front bumper off to get to them?
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    Ground wire locations??

    Love the forum guys!! Lots of good info and already starting to do many upgrades I've read about here. I am having the "flickering lights" issue and after reading about it, started the process of locating and cleaning the ground wire connections, to see if that helps. I traced the negative...
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    Can't find this mirror part??

    Thanks for the response! I was hoping to find that particular piece, but oh well. Looks like I'll wait until the mirror craps out to replace it.
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    Can someone make my rims spokes silver?

    Here you go.
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    Can't find this mirror part??

    A rock hit my passenger side mirror and broke the end off of the lower cover. I have looked, but been unable to find this piece. Does anyone know what the part number is for this piece?
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    Could be helpful to someone out there

    Just sharing the experience with my 2007 Tahoe LTZ 4x4, in hopes that it could save someone some time and heartache. Headed out on a 1200 mile roadtrip, cruising down the interstate and felt/heard a small knock/pop one time. Thinking I ran over something small and it hit the undercarriage...
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    New guy here, always been a honda/toyota man

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Looking forward to changing a few things on the tahoe!
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    New guy here, always been a honda/toyota man

    I have always been a Honda/Toyota owner, but a coworker was selling his 2007 Tahoe LTZ 4wd and the price was too good to resist! Having never owned an American made vehicle, I started looking for information and came across this site. Great info and active members!

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