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    Aftermarket LCA's for RC3.5 kit

    In case you were wondering about other options for LCA for our vehicles that are stock replacement. I was shown this by another member here. I will eventually go with these.
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    DIY Rear control arms and suspension questions

    I almost bought his control arms from him as he is going to aluminum ones. I’ve been chatting with him about them. The future will tell if I go that route or just get the spohn set up.
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    Rear Springs - Longer Springs options for 4" lift over using spacers?

    My spec was for an added 400lbs of weight and 1” of lift. I plan to add a Rig’d tire carrier to carry my full size 33” spare. I also mountain bike often and always carry my fold up bike rack plus tools in the rear cargo area.
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    Need help for Lower Control Arms

    Thanks for this. I wish I would have seen the LSK lowers before I did the front end. I would have got a set of these. I think these will be in my future.
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    Rear Springs - Longer Springs options for 4" lift over using spacers?

    I just got these springs a few days ago. They took a few weeks to build them. I’m running about 2.5” of lift on the front with Fox 2.5 adjustable coil overs. The rear I am using the same Moog springs with a one inch spacer as you in the rear. I have not installed the springs as of yet b/c we...
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    Need help for Lower Control Arms

    I went with Moog premium ones with their new ball joint boot integrated into the ball joint. Very nice piece. Super easy to replace the ball joint too and you can buy one anywhere. You just have to pay attention to see if they protect the ball joint in shipping. It’s common for the grease...
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    Suspension Lift recommendations???

    BDS lifts seem to make a high quality kit. Buy once cry once….but all depends on your budget and what you want to accomplish in the long run.
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    DIY Rear control arms and suspension questions

    I’m not say they aren’t stronger or poor quality. I’m saying there looks to be a better way to design the rear UCA’s to get the offset. It doesn’t look to have been thought through entirely. Just my two cents. Especially when you companies like Kibbitech, Camburg, Baja Kits making kits with...
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    DIY Rear control arms and suspension questions

    Since I have finished rebuilding and upgrading the front end of my 2008 Tahoe. Its now time to address the rear end. I see that Spohn is about the only company that makes aftermarket control arms for our vehicles unless you build your own out of DOM tubing. I've heard good things about...
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    Broken Motor Mounts

    my passenger side just leaked out on my driveway. Looks like changing both out will be in my future.
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    Silverado off-road bumper on Tahoe…will it fit?

    Could you send some up close pictures of the bumper corners, front and bottom?
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    UAC lift kit, Tuff Country, wheel selection

    I’m huge fan of RRW wheels. I have the I have the RR7-H in bronze with 0” offset. They sit just right for me and don’t poke out like some of the other wheels out there. Maybe an inch plus or minus in the front and less in the rear. I also am running dirt...
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    2011 Tahoe Z71 - Suspension Overhaul - Few Questions

    The struts should look like this when facing out towards the wheel. Notice the white line and notch of the top of the spring.
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    Silverado off-road bumper on Tahoe…will it fit?

    Thanks for reaching out. That bumper does look more functional and better than almost all of the ones available for our SUV’s. This is my OCD pickyness, I prefer a more tighter fit to the original body lines. In your pictures it looks like the outside of the bumper flares out as it rounds...
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    I think I have decided, going with a tahoe for an off-road/overland build

    I'm debating on modifying the bumper below in the future to fit my Tahoe because there is literally not bumper options for them unless you go with something that is way over built and super bulky. How was it modifying your bumper to fit...
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    Rear Fox Shock Orientation

    Body up just as you have it in your picture. While looking at your picture, you may want to add some adjustable or longer sway bar end links. Something like these depending on how long you need them. You will need to measure the distance with your sway bar as close to level as possible. The...
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    Rear Springs - Longer Springs options for 4" lift over using spacers?

    This company will make you a set. I just submitted a quote for my Tahoe to raise it an inch and accommodate for the added load of a hitch mount tire carrier, 33" tire, mountain bike rack with two bikes, etc.... so that when it is raised an inch it will not sag under the added load of the...
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    Extended rear brake hoses and rear sway bar end links

    These are another option for the rear sway bars with lifted suspension. They have a longer set but after taking some measurements these will fit perfect for my application.
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    Silverado off-road bumper on Tahoe…will it fit?

    Well, I have searched around a bit on this without much luck. I wondering if this will work as the bumper options out there for our 07-14 Tahoe’s aren’t very desirable in my opinion. The look and function is not my cup of tea. I want something that is low profile, functional, and isn’t...
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    Fiberglass Front Fenders on Tahoe

    I believe Baja kits makes a mid travel kit that widens the front 3” or so. Fiberwerx makes some nice stuff for flared fenders but I think you might need to retro fit them.
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    Auburn Electric Locking differential….

    Just testing the waters to see if anyone has any first hand experience with these Auburn electric lockers? I know Auburn limited slip diffs from friends that drag raced mustangs as a teenager. Never heard anything bad about them. I’m thinking of ditching the factory G80 differential for one of...
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    Pro Comp Black series coilovers...yay or nay??

    I’m probably going to order the Fox. Hopefully I will find a deal with Black Friday coming up.
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    Pro Comp Black series coilovers...yay or nay??

    I was looking around and saw that Pro Comp has a 2.75" coilover front strut in their lineup for the Silverado and Sierra. I know these will fit the same year Tahoe and Yukon. Has anyone heard good things about them? I'm on the fence with maybe trying them out or going with the Fox 2.5 coilover...
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    Want to level my '11 z71 Tahoe on 5100s

    5,900 miles on them. A couple hundred less on the rears. 90% Florida roads.

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