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    Z71 Tahoe 2021 resale/trade in value

    You'd be lucky to get $55k for that now. The market has dropped significantly.
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    Question about the Headlights

    Sensor replaced on my Tahoe... did not fix the problem. Brought it back in for the software update and that fixed it.
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    2022 denali surprised my wife

    Nice Denali! What type of rear entertainment system are you getting?
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    2023 Cadillac Escalade V

    Nice trucks guys. Soulsea - you selling the wheels when you get new ones?
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    Bench for Bucket Seats swap - 2022 Tahoe RST

    Sorry... I sold my Tahoe with the bench and bought a Tahoe with the buckets.
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    LM2 Break In?

    Best way to drive it for efficiency? Drive 35-55mph on flat roads, slow accelerations, coast into stop lights/signs, and keep the auto start/stop feature activated.
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    Service Emission System 3.0 Duramax

    Mine turned out to be a simple disconnected air hose somewhere near the MAF. Not sure how on earth it would just disconnect.
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    STELLAR Fuel Milage

    The first thing I noticed was the sound difference. I liked the sound of the v8 more. But after a day I got used to the diesel and it doesn't bother me. The v8 seemed to have a little more power, but the amazing fuel economy of the diesel more than makes up for that. Sometimes the diesel seems...
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    STELLAR Fuel Milage

    Chiming in here with my mpg. I've put 3000 miles on my 2022 Diesel Tahoe RST. 27.6mpg total average according to the dash. This is way better than expected. I also had a 2022 5.3L gas Tahoe, and I averaged 17.6 mpg after about 4000 miles before I traded it in. I've driven both the same way -...
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    Service Emission System 3.0 Duramax

    I have a 2022 Diesel Tahoe RST with about 3000 miles and I just got this error. Hoping it's a quick fix.
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    2022 tahoe

    Library card holder.
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    Smoke from oil filler cover

    I just got a 2022 tahoe diesel and noticed a smell and a puff of smoke from under the hood when I got out of the vehicle. The tahoe has 250 miles on it and i've been driving it really softly. Hopefully this is normal. I'll start driving it a little harder.
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    How happy are you with your 2021/22 Tahoe/Yukon?

    I picked up my new Tahoe yesterday. The dealer gave me slightly less than they quoted 3 months ago for my trade, but I did put another 3000 miles on the vehicle. Overall it was an awesome deal for me and probably a decent deal for the dealer because they get to sell 2 cars out of it. Send me a...
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    How happy are you with your 2021/22 Tahoe/Yukon?

    The 2022 tahoe that I bought was my first new car ever. I'm taking advantage of the current used car market and getting a better vehicle for nearly the same amount of money.
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    How happy are you with your 2021/22 Tahoe/Yukon?

    I'm happy with my 2022 Tahoe RST, but it has the bench seat in the middle row, the 5.3l, and doesn't have the luxury package. I'm working a deal to trade for a brand new 2022 tahoe rst with bucket seats, diesel, and the luxury package. I placed an order for it a couple months ago and I believe...
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    Bench for Bucket Seats swap - 2022 Tahoe RST

    Hello everyone, I have a 2022 Tahoe RST with black manual bench 2nd row seating. It has the victory red stitching. Anyone out there looking to swap - my bench for your bucket seats? Anywhere within 2 hours of Washington DC, Philadelphia, or Baltimore would work for me.
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    Stock RST Wheels Painted?

    Anyone do this yet? I have a 2022 Tahoe RST with the stock 22" wheels and would love to see the silver part of the wheels painted/dipped/powdercoated black.
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    Tahoe Constraints - 1/27/22

    Based on these latest constraints, would the diesel be currently available? I didn't see it on the list.
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    Backup camera guide/gridlines gone ...

    I just got a 2022 Tahoe and the grid lines seem to be gone every time I restart the car. I don't want to have to tap the grid lines button every time I go in reverse. Is there a buried setting anywhere to make the grid lines stay on every time?
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    Z71 Dark Ash Metallic w/ Gideon/Very Dark Atmosphere

    Here's a couple pics I took of 2 separate Dark Ash Metallic exteriors. One is a Tahoe RST and the other a Suburban RST. I thought it was a great looking color.
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    Future 2020/21 Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban

    December 10 is the date for the 2021 reveal, according to gmauthority... Hopefully this drops the price of the current gen used models for me!
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    22 inch wheels need advice

    How much you pay for the burb if you don't mind me asking?
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    Intermittent power seat

    Just wanted to follow up with this thread. I fixed my intermittent power seat in my 2007 tahoe ltz and it was simple. I just took off the plastic cover on the side of the driver's seat, then I unplugged all the connections that I saw, then reached under the seat and jiggled all the wires a bit...
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    2018 Midnight Z71 Is Here - Let The Mods Begin!!!

    Do they seem as bright as the 2015-2017 LTZ/Premier ones in the daytime?
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    2018 Midnight Z71 Is Here - Let The Mods Begin!!!

    Can you take pics of the led drl's on without the headlights on? I want to see how bright they are compared to a 2015-2017 LTZ/Premier led drl.

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