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    Auto mode turns on 4x4 mode

    wow I feel so foolish I have driven my 2003 in auto 4x4 on the e way and in the city for 230,000 miles without replacing the front dif. not in summer unless heavy rain, but for sure from the beginning of november til may. no problems and no noises maybe I should have the dif replaced anyway.
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    AC compressor not coming on...

    I had a similar problem with my 2003 slt and took it to a shop where they replaced valves and compressor with no joy. They said they were stumped and could not fix it so no charge. I did find a youtube that showed an AMBIANT OUTSIDE AIR TEMPERATURE SWITCH located behind the right hand head light...
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    Milage Helper Maybe

    try this
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    Milage Helper Maybe

    sorry the site wont let me upload a hpt file let me upload to mega and pass the download along
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    Milage Helper Maybe

    with some tweaking of the timing table I was able to run at 26 mpg, did for awile but backed it down when the local gas mixture changed, spark knock on acceleration, using the 87 octane fuel.
  6. J

    Milage Helper Maybe

    glad to help let me know if there is a problem, I had to rename the file to upload it and I hope it will work after renaming. I seemed ok on my end.
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    A/C button not engaging to relay. help?

    there is an ambient outside air temperature sensor that fails quite often. Located behind the right hand headlight assembly little bulb thingy attached to the plastic inner cowl
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    A/C button not engaging to relay. help?

    it would help to know what year
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    HP Tuners File

    you could contact Black Bear here you have hptuners, you might do a salibration lookup on your home page for 2014 silverado 6.2 w/automatic it shoud get yo close to a stock calibration, you will need to adjust it some for your denali but it will be very close to what you need
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    Need beta testers for a bluetooth adapter for 2002-2006 GM Trucks. You can keep it when we're done!

    it has a single cd slot and holds multiple cd's similar to the pic but without the tape deck slot
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    Tech2win/vxdiag diagnostics software questions.

    Have the 3 in 1 nano and it works like a charm in windows 10
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    Need beta testers for a bluetooth adapter for 2002-2006 GM Trucks. You can keep it when we're done!

    I would be interested in trying it out and letting you know how it works. 2003 yukon slt what info do you need?
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    Real rough idle at start

    if I remember right the fuel pump needs to see a minimum oil pressure to energize maybe you need to see if there is a pressure problem or a bad sending unit not passing required minimum for fuel pump ok to run
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    Milage Helper Maybe

    sure smoothed out the VE table and increased it for performance increased the timing tables by at least 7 degrees and more at 1000 to 4000 rpm ranges, some more or less depending on vehicle performance pulled back on the knock retard tables and adders, still active just selected ranges adjusted...
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    Milage Helper Maybe

    I don't normally condone something like this since there always seems to be an ass bite back Since the Gas prices are up and so is everything else I am sharing a HP TUNERS template from my 5.3 l 2003 Yukon that has been running around 24mpg hwy and 20 or so city USE AT YOUR OWN RISK USE AT YOUR...
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    2006 Tahoe Z71 mileage

    contact a good tuner, check the search option here, BB still around? you should be able to pull up your mileage with a proper tune or check out hptuners or efilive and get input on their forums. learn to tune your own and you get to eat the fish you catch if you know what I mean. yup you will...
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    00-06 Tahoe MPG poll

    2003 Yukon 5.3 Flex Fuel running 87 octane regular 24 plus highway and 19 to 20 City Custom Tune
  18. J

    Battery Tenders-Anyone use them?

    retired now and the yukon sits for long times. lost the 2 year old battery in the very cold winter, once was enough. been using a battery tender since and am glad it is there.
  19. J

    I Know, I Know... Not another P0300 Question

    if water entered the tank thru the rusted inlet you may be fighting that, water at the fuel pick up screen on the pump, the water will stop gas flowing thru the filter screen- personal expierience here. the ecu controls fuel and spark as well as other functions. i replaced mine after not...
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    2001 Burban, almost no oil pressure even after replacing the oil pump

    In the old days we would put a can of CD2 additive in the oil to clean blocked passages and quit lifter noise. Then change the oil after 200 miles of driving-- at least 30 minutes each time. Sseem to work wonders for low oil pressure due to blockages and quiet load lifters. just a suggestion...
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    I Know, I Know... Not another P0300 Question

    maybe the throttle position sensor
  22. J

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! LOW OIL PRESSURE

    did you clean the filter screen under the oil pressure sensor?
  23. J

    BCM Programming... who and **?

    I do think that your quest is headed in a divergent direction.. having said that my reasoning is backed by some trial and error on my own vehicle. The added controls from the steering wheel are to the instrument cluster and not thru the bcm. I picked up several clusters from a local scrap yard...
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    Some one school me on Hp tuners

    Check the hpt website, there is a mod to use the egr or other circuit to attach and log a wide band without the pro set. I have been using the standard unit for 10 yrs or more and never found the need for the added pro functions, unless you are into competition.
  25. J

    BCM Programming... who and **?

    I did try this in the past for my yukon and came up with an invalid vin match for the vehicle which did not allow for any updating. It dod rewrite the ecm with the new vin and I had to change the vin back with hptuners to get back to proper operation, caused some other modules to not work...

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