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    Dead Electrical Ports

    I checked the Aux Power Outlet. No luck. The USB port is hot. Don't know about the Micro C. Thanks for the reply. I assumed the setup was the same as my 2018 Z06.
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    Dead Electrical Ports

    I have a 2023 Denali XL in. My frustration lately with newer cars is dead ports with ignition off. I cannot keep my earpiece charged up so I can use it when I get in. So how can I make ports live? I think I will have a live port in the back, but that does me no good. Or maybe wire a new...
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    2023 Tahoe Buying Advice - Ordering vs Looking For?

    I started in March to order a 2022 Denali XL. I was closed out and kicked to 2023. GM accepted my order about a month ago. Only problem with this Denali is there will be no supercruise or brembo brakes. Brembo's are available from GM parts houses...of course. I order because I can never...
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    2023 Yukon Denali XL/Baer Brakes

    Interesting consequence. I have not experienced the heavier feel of an upgrade on a truck because I have never upgraded any of my suburbans or my current 2011 yukon xl. But your experience makes sense. I now know that these days brake upgrades are really not needed unless encountering heavy...
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    2023 Yukon Denali XL/Baer Brakes

    Hope you guys are doing OK.
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    Need advice on my potential Yukon purchase situation

    I started in February with a 2022 order. GMC killed that one and kicked me over to 2023. Worse things have happened. GMC accepted my order about a month ago. So I am on the list. In the meantime my wife and I are roadtripping her 2011 Denali XL. We turned over 200,000 miles last week. I...
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    2023 Yukon Denali XL/Baer Brakes

    Gentlemen, if this has been discussed I cannot find it. A new member here. As of tonight. I have ordered a 2023 Yukon Denali XL with, of course, no super cruise or Baer brakes. I found this link online however...

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