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    Fuel tank and Evap lines

    thanks, ill take a look.
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    Fuel tank and Evap lines

    Have a gas smell coming from the rear of my 05 escalade (base model). Replaced the gas cap but still having gas smell. No check engine lights and seems to start fine. Reading up on it seems to be a fuel or evap line may need to be replaced. Actually all likely need to be replaced. Can...
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    Update 5/2/21 - Bounce and Porpoising - Especially Towing

    I have a 05 escalade which I replaced all the shocks and rear springs with a kit from suncore industries. I bought the kit with the helper springs for the rear shocks. Got rid of stock airbags as they were shot and compressor was shot. I am towing around a 30' travel trailer ~6700 empty.
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    Gauge Cluster Positive Pins for those doing LED conversion

    OP, thanks for the polarity list. I replaced a bad stepper motor and changed out to red LEDs while the cluster was apart. But I am showing "hot spots" behind the gauges. What is the best position for the LEDs? I tried to get them as close to where the factory bulbs were. Do I want to push...

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