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    NNBS Suburban 2500 - Seems WAY overpriced

    I suspect the front bumper was replaced by the current seller since the paint color doesn't seem to match the rest of the vehicle. A lot of the BP SUVs of that generation had the lower portion trimmed off and a custom skid plate added to increase the approach angle. Another clue is that the...
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    Remote Start ideas

    It will work. To verify, turn the exterior lamp control knob to the "parking lamps" position. If the lights come on, then tapping into the light blue wire will also make them come on. The "surveillance mode" calibration only disables automatic lighting when a wire from the BCM is grounded...
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    Black Front recovery tow hooks for 2021 Z71 Tahoe

    From this post:
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    Adding A Dimming Dome Light To 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe

    Edit: I talked to nrod_tx privately and he shared some more information, and linked me to his post on His installer added some extension wires that don't all match the wire colors of the Whelen light. I've updated this post to better reflect the current situation. It was making a...
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    Remote Start ideas

    I installed this kit from ADC Mobile for about $150 shipped a few years ago, and I have had no complaints. The owner is a member on this forum (or maybe it was one of the other Tahoe forums) and I personally spoke with him before purchase. The kit is made by Flashlogic, and there is a decent...
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    Tailgate glass pops open randomly.

    From the factory, there are four blunt cut wires to be used for a trailer brake controller. I can't see enough of the wires in that photo to be sure, but they may have never been used. The pin you are asking about appears to be pin 1 of the X6 connector on the BCM. I don't have the 2007...
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    Pet Barrier (K9)

    I've used this model on the previous generation Tahoe with a second row bench seat. It attaches to the headrests and the black part of it is pretty secure. Now, the silver extensions aren't the best. The plastic pieces that tighten to hold the extensions will probably eventually break. I...
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    Transmission Fluid Temperatures

    Based on my experience, without an added cooler, the trans temp will hover around 100 degrees above the ambient air temperature, whether stopped or moving. So your max temperature is highly dependent on your climate. With an external cooler (factory or aftermarket) the temperature will be...
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    Thinking about replacing windshield myself.

    Your local glass shop should have access to multiple brands. You can call them and ask which ones they carry, and even request a specific brand. Pilkington, PPG, and AP Tech were recommended as better manufacturers the last time I really researched the topic. FY was not highly regarded. Decide...
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    Upgrade OEM Transmission Cooler

    If you look closely at the OP's pictures, you can see that the factory horizontal brace is not bolted on. I believe GM changed to welds during the 2009 model year. The Tru-Cool install kit should still work, but you'll have to grind, drill, and maybe tap the holes for the new brace to bolt on...

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