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    Would you buy your Yukon/Tahoe again?

    I'm on my third Yukon and have had issues with only one. the 2008 had lifters and cam issue. My 2016 is good so far. Nothing major at this point.
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    2016 Press Release Updates

    My 2016 has been great so far. Having an issue at start up with brake pedal area making a whining niose when it's cold outside (I live in Florida). Anyone have this issue?
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    08 Denali engine problems

    Unfortunately the first Sales Manager no longer works there. He evidently quit 2 days after he said they would take care of me!
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    08 Denali engine problems

    Thanks raiderron. I did finally speak with the General Sales Manager and he sung a different tune than the Sales Manager. Evidently when the Sales Manager said they would fix it and make it right he was speaking in a "general context" according to the GSM! Now they want me to pay $1,500 and they...
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    08 Denali engine problems

    I thought it may be the cam lifter issue as well but they said it sounded more like the issue was at bottom of the engine. Either way the engine needs major work! Just looking to see if anyone out there has had their local dealer help with or pay for all cost associated with a fix.
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    08 Denali engine problems

    Thanks for your reply and suggestions. I actually want the truck and they have said that the deal can be undone. I am waiting to see if they will step up and help me with fixing or replacing the engine.
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    08 Denali engine problems

    New to the forum. Great forum everyone. I just purchased a used 2008 Yukon Denali with 112,000 miles on it. Trans was replaced by dealer 10,000 miles ago. Truck was serviced at several dealers over it's lifetime. Drove it off the GMC lot and noticed a ticking (sounded similar to an exhaust leak)...

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