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  1. hoe

    Lpp longtube headers and off road wye pipe for sale!!

    as title states I have a set of long tube headers with off road wye pipe. They are lpp headers and excellent quality! They will bolt right up on the pickups and suvs from 00-06 maybe New Years as well. I had it in a 01 tahoe. Truck made excellent power and torque with these. Extra wide band bung...
  2. hoe

    Going DOWN in height..

    Any info on coil over parts? Finally took a pic a few mins ago after all this time. Online is reserved to my phone and work lately. Right now as she sits with no front shocks lol. Haven't drove it much lately. It's getting ready for new paint, coil overs, and turbo. 6.0Ho, 4l80e, 3200stall...
  3. hoe

    Small lift upcoming, need to buy some tires

    Getting dark..
  4. hoe

    Small lift upcoming, need to buy some tires

    I liked your before pic, but take it from someone who has been 2/3 2/4 3" 4" 6-7.5" in heights, same truck. I'm now at 3" lift and 20x12s with 305 55 20s. Toyo at tires. Now I'm happy. Plus you will rarely if any see this setup around. Lots of cutting in the right places plus NorCal mods. No...
  5. hoe


    NorCal can you obtain the Silverado spider style matte black in 22 or 20 x 10?? Pm me
  6. hoe

    Lift spindles with oem rims

    They are 17s so yeah they should work. Issue is with smaller sizes iirc, clearance for break calipers.
  7. hoe

    What length shocks do I need?

    I am in the process of removing my lift in favor for the leveled look. The rear has stock springs with 1.5" spacer under the coil. The front is a 2wd using a 3" lift spindle and lift keys. I will decrank or use stock keys to make the front match the rear height. What length of shocks am I...
  8. hoe

    Going DOWN in height..

    Bars to coilovers Need all the parts needed. right now the 6" lift is decrunk to 4" to match rear however my dual shocks have like little upp compression cause you can a barelly see the pistons sticking out. Plus I want the front of the ride to be much better! Please help so I don't purchase a...
  9. hoe

    Very interested in turbo's

    Get it. It should be better mpg outside of boost if your foot stays out of it. I don't see it hurting your engine unless it's setup for over 800hp daily. Key part of longevity is the tune. So go ahead and scrap that Diablo now. Get a custom dyno tune for it!
  10. hoe

    Nnbs intake swap question

    Yes you need 8 intake runners... Any Nnbs 6.0 or 6.2 would be square. get a nnbs intake for a 5.3. It will be cathedral as the Nnbs 5.3 uses the lq4 and lq9 heads. Get a custom 4 bolt throttle body. Cable or drive by wire. Something in the 90-102mm range. Then you get the intake gains. Want...
  11. hoe

    Thinking about going back to a factory muffler

    Corsa making things quite now?? Must be the touring... you must also still have factory cats. I went back with the stock factory muffler. It's still loud but quieter over 2500rpm. Long tubes and off road wye will do it every time. Lol
  12. hoe

    Nnbs intake swap question

    To answer the lurking question; Look at the bottom of the intake runners. 1 is shaped like a cathedral dome entrance. The other number 2 is shaped like a rectangular squarish entrance. You have a 8 cylinder so should be 8 entrances.
  13. hoe

    Nnbs intake swap question

    Lol. You need to stick 4bolt tb to use a wider tb. Something bigger than stock 78iirc. That is also part of the gains with the intake. Go at lest 90mm. Again the intake are different. Cause it's a nnbs 6.0 intake doesn't mean it will fit your lq4 or lq9. Those 6.0 and 6.2 come with the same...
  14. hoe

    Heavy duty suspension?

    Comment above is because stock parts sucks. Lol. He did say beef it up.
  15. hoe

    Level by lowering rear

    That tahoe has more like a 2/3-4 drop and some skinny 33s 11.5. They really look like a 32. Plus that is a nnbs style. Fitment will be different.
  16. hoe

    Leveled tahoe rides horrible!!!

    Jounce stops up front need to stay in contact with lower control arms. So if they are split or missing or even have a gap then that's the problem... Also the upper control arm can be riding on the bump stops. Then your cranked too high. You can also switch to coil spring setup up front...
  17. hoe

    Heavy duty suspension?

    Pitman arm, ideler arms, upper control arms with ball joints, same for lower controls, new jounce stops for the front, you could crank your keys to also stiffen up but ride height will change. May have worn tbars themselves. Z71 springs new in rear. New rear bumps stops. Thicker rear endlinks...
  18. hoe

    Nnbs intake swap question

    Some miss info here. Yes the nnbs intake is a upgrade similar to the trailblazer ss intake. Yes there good for about 20 hp and more if you have a power adder or supporting mods. That's pretty good Bolton. Injector rails needs to be custom on crossover or return systems. I would stick drive by...
  19. hoe

    Thinking about going back to a factory muffler

    Yes I did. My original swap used the relay method then I got my computer segment swapped and got rid of the relays. That's when the truck really drove like a heavy duty truck like it should. The shift patterns where better.
  20. hoe

    6.0 what grade fuel

    I wonder what the LQ9 Escalade 2005, manual says... can't compare apples to oranges.?
  21. hoe

    Race gas safe for 02 sensors

    I would put the 100 oct tune and run 100 oct. Seriously you will not optimize anything without the correct tune. I personally have used 100 oct mixed with 93 in my above post. I have also used additives and can say they do work by themselves as well. Get a computer and log then make...
  22. hoe

    6.0 Cold Air Is Way Too Loud At 75, How do you shut it up!

    Check for intake leaks near the tbody. Intake cai will get loud depending on load. What gears are you running? What grades are you running? Are you in the mountains? That's a big difference vs sea level. You differently have a problem. As other mentioned you shouldn't hear Intake over exhaust.
  23. hoe

    6.0 what grade fuel

    It's quality of the same grades. Compare 93 grades at different stations as well. Example... If I use bp 93 it's like 87 from a shell. 93 from bp is nothing like she'll 93. Also to fill up with 93 vs 87 maybe a 4$ overall difference. I don't get why some people try to save that and end up...
  24. hoe

    6.0 what grade fuel

    In my 2500hd lq4 I even run 93. I notice in that truck It drinks 87 but sips 93. Considerable difference, and that's with a bone stock gm tune. Actually all my 3 LS vehicles prefer premium. I notice a difference in all. And 1 of them is a 5.3. In my lq9 I can notice a difference in 93 quality...
  25. hoe

    Thinking about going back to a factory muffler

    I'm going back stock to fit my sleeper theme. My setup goes as 4.56 gears, lq9 6.0 ho, 4l80e (spins more), 3200 circle d(likes revs), long tube headers with off road wye!, iirc 22" magnaflow straight through design. Truck is way too loud even being reserved. Highway I stay around 2500 depending...

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