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    2021/2022 PPV wheel part number

    ‘21 and ‘22 tahoe ppv/ssv’s are 20 in be wheels. You may want to find 15-20 tahoe 17 steelies. You’ll also pay well over 2k$ for a set of 20’s with tires.
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    Any fix for rear door unlock and headlights.....

    For my 2018 PPV I took the door panels off and re attached the door lock cable. Now they all work and the back passengers can unlock the doors
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    Is there a cheaper site to find OEM ppv parts?

    Is there a cheaper or better site to get parts for my 2018 ppv tahoe? Gonna do brakes all the way around. Also need some key fobs. Anyone know where to get the fob it came with? Lock, unlock, hatch and panic are the only options. And keys...
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    2018 PPV Spotlight doesn’t work.

    Plugs? You mean fuses? I’m tracking em down now. Already used a multimeter and get nada.
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    2018 PPV Spotlight doesn’t work.

    Thank you so much! Got spotlight working, handle was super loose and contact wasn’t being made. Anyone had issues with usb/cigarette adapters to work on my bench seat console?
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    15 ppv speaker upgrade

    Check out Powerbass. I bought upgraded ones and will be sound deadening my 2018 ppv and installing 6.5 all around. All reviews say they’re so much better than stock. And plug and play.
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    2018 PPV Spotlight doesn’t work.

    Where is that located? I did get a build sheet.
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    2018 PPV Spotlight doesn’t work.

    Curious if anyone has a wiring diagram or knows where most people cut or disco the power for the spotlight. It and the 2 USB’s in the middle console are the only things that don’t work at this time. If anyone has a lead on both I’d be forever grateful.

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