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    275-70R18 Goodyear Duratrac 3” lift

    What wheels/tires do you have on there?
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    2020 Suburban leveling, opinions….

    It’s just a spacer at the bottom of the strut.
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    2020 Suburban leveling, opinions….

    Good morning! First post! I bought a 20 Suburban a couple weeks ago, want to level it. I have the Rough Country kit in my hands. Thoughts on if this is too much? Does the RC kit really net 2” or does it settle a little less? This is my wife’s daily, she doesn’t want a beast, this this is...
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    Bad start to road trip!

    How did they see big shavings of metal? Those scopes are great, but they can’t see in fluid unless it’s clear. The shavings would have to be above the fluid and they just happened to see them when they scoped it. I call BS.

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