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    AC compressor/ electric fans not working

    Thanks. I have the parts and now it's on my list. The ac made a bad noise when I fired up the engine and I had it in my heated garage overnight at 80° to see if the ac wasn't coming on bc of ambient temp. It never engaged.
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    AC compressor/ electric fans not working

    I have been picking at this thing for 2 days. As of now, all that I know is that when I unplug the coolant temp sensor connector at the drivers side head, both fans run at full speed. Does that indicate a bad coolant temp sensor?? My obd reader is telling me that my engine temp is now -38° with...
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    AC compressor/ electric fans not working

    Hi all, I was lucky to find your group! I have an 05 Yukon Denail 6.0 and when I fired it up yesterday, after several months of hibernation, I had a loud squeal and I assumed it was the AC compressor or a tensioner when I heard it. I drove it into my garage and let it run for a while and when...

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