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    Dealer rip off or legitimate cost?

    2015 Yukon XL Denali with 62,000 mostly highway miles. Message came on recently stating "service driver assist". Dealer charged me $210 to determine cause and told me it was 2 things causing this. One was a front bumper sensor ($866.19 to replace because bumper needs to be removed), and the...
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    New Battery

    After my 2nd AC Delco failed in less than 4 years total I really looked into batteries and purchased the Bosch Platinum AGM from Pep Boys. 4 year warranty, great CCA rating and they often offer them on sale. Couldn't be happier with the experience.
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    Batteries- What do you run?

    I got a Bosch Platinum AGM for my 2015 XL Denali on sale at Pep Boys and I am very happy with it.
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    Need advice on a hood protector

    I have a 2015 Yukon XL Denali and I am taking one, maybe two trips to Canada this summer from SoCal. About 3,500 miles each trip. I am thinking about buying a hood protector to keep most of the bugs off of the windshield and hopefully maybe even some stones. I like the Weather Tech product...
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    This will kill your battery!

    Loaded up my 2015 yukon XL Denali for an out of town dog show. Got ready to leave the next day and battery is dead. Got a jump and took it to the dealer. They said everything is good, I must have left a door open overnight. Got back from our trip and did some troubleshooting. Turns out that I...

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