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    Lowered 21+ T1xx: Post Em Up

    @jordan11 , any chance you can share some more information on these reps? I've never seen em' before and love em'! Considering them for a Denali.
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    Lowered with Air ride

    seconded question...
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    is adaptive cruise standard on a High Country Suburban?

    For what its worth I think different manufacturers systems behave differently. I once rented a Cx9 for a couple hour trip, and the ACC was a pain in the ass. But, I had it on my last truck, a 2021 Ram 1500 Limited and it was fantastic. I got onto highways, hit the button and forgot about my...
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    Windshield Mounted Rear-view Camera Mirror?

    Anyone tried it on a 21+ yet? Crazy to me that I cannot order with the mirror unless I also accept super Cruise.. which I don't want.
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    Fog Lights?

    Suppose it depends on how you wire it up. But if you're just using the harness that comes with the aftermarket lights you're not messing with any of the truck's systems. You're simply pulling power putting it through a relay and switch. Not affecting or in anyway messing with the truck's...
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    Any chance anyone has an updated constraints list and eta timing?
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    Whole GM constraint list as of 2/24

    Hey there OP, any chance you could share an updated version of this report?
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    New Denali Ultimate Owners - How do you like your massaging seats??

    Just curious. I'll be giving up my BMW X5 to get into a Denali (non ultimate) soon due to growing family. One thing I'll miss is my massaging seats. I'll admit they kinda suck in the BMW. Just fill and deflate different parts of the seat. Nice for a long road trip to get the blood flowing...
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    Mine is at 1100/2023. Shorty Denali Black on Black. 6.2, power Steps, 22's, Pano Roof, Adaptive Cruise, and the biggest part holding it back: Air Suspension. I may have mentoned above. I understand the constraint will last till Dec (unless it gets extended) specifically on air suspension...
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    Building Online

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    Can anyone help me reconcile the difference in production status code from Dealer vs GMC?

    Fo I'm not even reaching out to GMC anymore, this is a communication that came unsolicited from them. Forwarded this e-mail to my dealer and asked if they see anything else now. Response: "still in 1100 status" W. t. F.
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    Can anyone help me reconcile the difference in production status code from Dealer vs GMC?

    Add to the chat/phone conversations, I just got this e-mail from [email protected]. Dear XYZ, Here is the current status for your order: Your vehicle order with Order ID XXXXXX, 2023 GMC Yukon has been accepted by GMC and is working toward the production process. Target Production Week...
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    2021 Yukon Denali Lowering Kit?

    second the question. looking/hoping for feedback as well. I am ordering right now and the delay is primarily due to air ride. If I decide to give it up I'm looking for coilover options.
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    Can anyone help me reconcile the difference in production status code from Dealer vs GMC?

    Dealer basically says GMC Chat is useless based in their experience. I was told a story about a guy who connected with chat for info on his HD Pickup and they told him it was for a Corvette. Obviously anecdotal, and hearsay over like 3 different parties. But still. That tells their posture...
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    Aftermarket wheels

    @Maindog I've never heard of this brand "Venom Power Terra Hunter" - how are you liking the ride? Holding up well? Feel and ride great?
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    2022 Chevy Tahoe All Black Everything!

    post more pics! looks fantastic!
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    2021 Yukon Denali XL 22s or 24s. Please help!

    this looks fantastic @JohnnyFamous. Do you know what widths and offset your 24's are?
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    Wheel Spacer Size Question 2022 Z71 Tahoe

    @Hunter Linn how's it going? any updates?
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    I also saw that air suspension is on constraint for denalis until December (not Ultimates, regular denalis)
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    Can anyone help me reconcile the difference in production status code from Dealer vs GMC?

    I may have to, though its not the news I want to hear lol. For what its worth, GMC Chat (and calling them) - a total of 4 separate communications all said the same thing. 2030, GM Accepted the order. They supposedly contacted someone in "production" while I waited on hold for this information...
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    Lowered 21+ T1xx: Post Em Up

    Sorry if I missed it. I read through the entire thread. @DaveLaz did you ever work out what to do with your spacers? In this pic are you running the 1/2 spacer on the stock studs? If so any trouble doing so? Enough bite for the lug nuts? If not, I'm assuming you're trying to work out what to...
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    2022 denali surprised my wife

    Damn nice looking truck. the wheels are 20x??? 9? 10? Do you know the offsets by any chance?
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    Can anyone help me reconcile the difference in production status code from Dealer vs GMC?

    Yeap I knew the codes. I think I got it from the same source of your screen shot. Problem is dealer says 1100. GMC says 2030. When I press GMC for more info, they say talk to the dealer, we have no further info. Dealer says all we see is 1100, we have no more info.
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    Can anyone help me reconcile the difference in production status code from Dealer vs GMC?

    Essentially. I logged onto GMC Chat (and also subsequently called them) and they have consistently told me like 4 times now the status of my build/order is 2030. Looking into this it means GM accepted my order (awesome) - no production scheduled yet, -meh- but okay I'm not in a rush...
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    Installing HD camera rearview mirror on 2021 Yukon AT4

    bump for an old thread. I am not expecting much but thought I'd see if anyone has tried/successfully done this yet.

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