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    2006 yukon glovebox insert removal

    Trying to remove the center glovebox insert on a 2006 yukon but can't. Is there a procedure or diagram or video on it?
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    Climate control issues

    Yes it does blow and stay cold. I had check that out but its not the case. The never checked to see if it did it in auto but it does do it in manual control. I have noticed that when it does I have pulled over shut the engine and restart it then works like it should. I'm thinking it has to do...
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    Climate control issues

    When the vehicle climate control temp is at 90 degrees and when you turn down the heat to a more comfortable setting like 82 or 83 degress the air blowing from the vent is cold as cold as the outside temp if it was 32 degrees outside not the warm 82 or 83 degrees I will have it set at.
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    Climate control issues

    Coolant isnt the issue with this. Its hot when set at 90 but decrease the temp and the air gets colder
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    Climate control issues

    2006 yukon with electronic climate control....when adjusting temp from 90 degrees down around 80-86 degrees the air turns cold instead of warm. Any suggestions why this happens. Mostly driver side control does it.

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