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    Strange rubbing noise coming from the rear interior of my 2022 Z71 Tahoe

    This noise is driving me nuts. Originally I thought it might have been a rear seat belt rubbing on the plastic interior, but I secured them all and the noise is still there. When I hard turn right and left, I hear this rubbing noise in the rear. When I brake hard or accelerate hard, I hear the...
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    Corsa Exhaust

    Hello, I have a 2022 Z71 Tahoe. I love my Corsa exhaust. I paired it with their intake box and the sound and performance are phenomenal. Even the dealership was impressed with the system and it won't void your warrantee because it's cat back.
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    Rear bumper lower trim piece?
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    Rear bumper lower trim piece?

    I did the same, but now my original hitch cover will not mount correctly. There is a gap around the edges of the cover. Any idea what went wrong? Thanks Robert.
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    Rear bumper lower trim piece?

    Yes, I replaced the lower fascia, it fit perfectly, but the hitch cover does not fit properly. Any ideas what went wrong?
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    How happy are you with your 2021/22 Tahoe/Yukon?

    I'm extremely disappointed with my 2022 Tahoe Z71. Just turn 1000 miles, three weeks old, made my first payment, and I notice staining on my driveway. Long story short, there is a fracture in the engine block above the oil filter. Chevy is replacing the engine, warranted of course, but I'll be...
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    2022 Z71 engine has a cracked block

    Just got back from the dealership. After only 1,080 miles, I observed something staining my driveway from under my 3 week old Z71 Tahoe. After the technician put it up on his lift he came back to me. “I have some bad news, your engine block has a hairline fracture.” He took me back to take a...
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    Rear bumper lower trim piece?

    Do you think this will fit on 2022 Z71?
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    21+ Rear Lower Bumper Dual exhaust Part Numbers

    Hello, thank you for the part number. I have a 2022 Tahoe Z71. Do you think this lower dual exhaust bumper will fit?
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    Front license plate horror show

    Can anyone make a suggestion on what to use to put a front license plate bracket on my new 2022 Z71 Tahoe without drilling into the bumper? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    No-drill front plate mounts 21/22?

    Still searching for the correct removable front license plate bracket. I don’t want to drill holes in my 2022 Tahoe bumper.

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