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    04 Yukon XL stretchy mirrors

    Update to all do not buy anything from Steven Raymond he I just got scooped $200
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    04 Yukon XL stretchy mirrors

    Been a long time since I've been on this site my brother got in accident and needs a 04 Drivers stretchy mirror for his 2500 if anyone got one!
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    2013 Tahoe passenger side door handle cracked

    It's normal on these. To break like that, what you do break all the brittle plastic pieces out, then just glue it back down. Gm made the front door panels on these stupid should of made them like the rears
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    Steering wheel swap volume controls

    If it's anything like the older models yup yup clockspring and wheel should be the only thing you need
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    Clunk or groan when turning

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    Clunk or groan when turning

    Here's the actual video you can hear the groan sorry for having the radio on
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    Clunk or groan when turning

    Well figured out that clockspring squeak is lol that getting fixed asap when I fix the bag light.
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    Help identifying part

    That's the secret button for the back glass. You can find those relatively cheap and are easy to replace.
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    Clunk or groan when turning

    I'll probably try to lube the clockspring when I fix the airbag light.
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    Clunk or groan when turning

    Alright I have the video uploaded here's the link
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    Clunk or groan when turning

    I'll try to get on video tomorrow after work. That's usally when it happens. Or I'll just deal with it.
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    Clunk or groan when turning

    Here are some pictures I took of the front suspension.
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    Clunk or groan when turning

    Plus also sorry for no video it does every once in a couple of days while in 2wd plus I thought I may of gotten the sound today while making a video but can't upload it.
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    Clunk or groan when turning

    Update other than struts looking pretty nasty all bushings in the front end look good. Also checked my fluid reservoir it checked out.
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    Clunk or groan when turning

    I'm having some trouble with a groaning sound coming from the front end when I turn in a parking lot or something like that in my 2011 gmc yukon it's usually once every couple of days I'm wondering what it could it be. It really isn't something to big on my list but it's there.
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    Upgrade hu but keep Rear entertainment system

    Crutchfield has you covered lol.
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    2007-2014 Tahoe Picture Thread

    Here's my 2011 Yukon xl Slt, and yes all the mods that I've added work.
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    Sat in a 2019 Denali, was not comfortable

    Hey I'm still not getting rid of mine I love my 900 a lot and by that time she'll be mine so...
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    What did you do to your NNBS GMT900 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Changed headlights to leds, and also finally fixed my ground for my heated steering wheel. Once pay day comes time to get that backup camera installed.
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    Adding Heated Steering Wheel - Need VIN

    Clip the green connector off, brown wire goes to 12 volts, black ground. If you have a Yukon you should have the heated steering wheel plug port down in the upfitter box.
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    Heated Steering wheel upgrade for 2010 GMC Yukon XL

    Should be down in the upfitter box. I added mine not to long ago, I still have to mess with my ground but it's there on Yukons
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    Can I upgrade ‘13 Tahoe door panels to newer styles?

    I think there longer and taller. Plus if you'd have to do some major modifications if you have anything special. It would be cool though!
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    Can you take these apart

    Nevermind I got my mdi handy I just figure out how to program them once I can get the mirrors.
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    Can you take these apart

    I was wondering if you could take these window switches apart and swap parts. Main reason I ask is the guy had these marked as denali window switches went and tried them and found the auto up of escalades any help.
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    Denali Passenger Side Mirror

    Does the mirror still work? Try some 3M double sided tape as a temporary fix

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