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    Dual Battery Setup using OEM parts?

    Thank you so much for documenting all of this information guys. I went to Windrock this weekend (Yukon XL tow rig, XJ for the trails), and left the Yukon sitting for the four day weekend. I kept the luggage in the back of the Yukon and was in and out of it all weekend. Went to start it up...
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    Weird Electrical issues [plus other isssues] with wife’s 16 Tahoe

    I am having an electrical issue with my wife 2018 Yukon XL Denali and found your thread in looking for similar issues. I then did a quick search on YouTube and found the above video by this kid talking about fixing his mom's truck. Looks decent enough to help sort it out. I'll look at my...
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    P0700 and U0100

    Update. I drove the truck home after letting it set for ~4 hours (solely because we had other stuff to do in town). Truck started fine, drove fine, acted normal for the entire 50 mile drive. Got it home, shut it off, let it sit for 10 minutes, restarted (to simulate earlier conditions when...
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    P0700 and U0100

    Wife called me, said truck won’t start. She waited a bit, it started in limp mode. She drove short distance and parked it, unsure if she should proceed. I drove to vehicle (2hours later) and pulled codes P0700 and U0100. Started truck just fine. Truck drives good. CEL is illuminated. I did a...
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    Looks Like I Need New Rear Shocks

    I have a 2018 Yukon XL Denali. It appears the rear shocks are worn out. I say that because there is an audible leak from the driver side rear shock that I can run my finger over and feel. I know the truck has mag ride. I assume the rears are mag ride also? I looked them up on...
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    Which one do i want?

    One more vote for the Yukon XL Denali. Just bought a 2018 six months ago. Love the truck. The 6.2 is very nice, plenty of power. I bought mine with the plan to road trip it pulling a car trailer with the jeep on it. Has performed well so far. Mine is the family vehicle, wife doesn't work...
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    Driving the Outer Banks on 285/45-22's

    The sand in Hatteras is much softer. Keep an eye on your trans temps when you go down there. That soft sand will load the trans up quick.
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    2018 Denali/Towing Car Trailer

    I have a 2018 Yukon XL Denali with the tow package. I plan to tow a 1990 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) on a home built car trailer. This trip will be ~600 miles one way. I have done minimal towing, none with this truck. I have read a distributive hitch would be a good investment. Looking for advice on...
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    Delete AFM

    I have a 2018 Yukon XL Denali with the 6.2l. I recently purchased it and am new to the platform. I have read the AFM system is problematic and is best to delete it. There is nothing wrong with the vehicle currently. Can I get one of those tuners that turns it off and call it good? Or do I...
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    Groan Sound

    4WD is not engaged. Backing out of the driveway sedately. Stock 22s on the truck. Stock height. To my knowledge (purchased used) the truck is 100% stock with 80k miles. The transition from the driveway to the road is not very steep at all. I'll take a gander at the sway bar end links...
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    Groan Sound

    When backing out of the driveway. When the front axle hits the dip between the concrete drive and the asphalt street. The wheel is turned hard passenger. One out of 4 times (or so) there is a groan sound from the passenger front corner of the vehicle. Any ideas? I haven't crawled under it...
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    Which one do i want?

    I just purchased mine a couple weeks ago. I was looking for a Tahoe LT with the max trailering package. Ran into this Denali in my travels. Very glad I did. The 6.2 is a lot peppier than the 5.3. The extra space in the XL is nice. I only have 2 kids, so don't NEED the space, but it's nice...
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    Hello All

    I have magneride on the truck. I have been looking into deleting that and changing the suspension over to a more traditional setup. I would have bought one without magneride, but this one was a good deal. Fortunately the truck is riding nice right now, so no need to worry about it right this...
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    Hello All

    Bro... there are so many abbreviations in this post I am not following. I am fairly mechanically inclined - have built a couple older cars. But have little experience with the newer stuff. What is a DOD? I work for the Department of Defense, but I do not believe that is what you are...
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    Hello All

    It has the 10 speed auto in it. It has 80k miles on it. This is the only pic of it I have. Wife took this pic when we got it home the other night. It's very clean, was a one owner car, previous owner took it to the dealer for everything. What is a range device? I am fairly auto savvy...
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    Hello All

    New member here. Just bought a 2018 Yukon XL Denali yesterday. I found this forum while researching the vehicle. Thanks for gathering all of this knowledge in one place. This is the newest GM I have owned, last one was a 2002 Z28 and the one before that was a 1979 Camaro. Looking for a list...

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