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    Automatic controls. It blows hot out of all then cool out of all.
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    Starting problem

    I'm having the same problem as some posted. At times my truck will not turn over. I've check all things listed, battery, starter connections, etc. I have to constantly rapidly crank the ignition until the starter turns over then hold the key in the start position and after a few seconds it...
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    Per the video on this problem I recalculated the system but it did not correct the problem. My HVAC still will blow cold then hot then back to cold sometime later. I've turned it off and on numerous times, turned the truck off then back on with no help. What next?
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    A/C issue

    My 05 did same. It's your blower. I took mine out, clean an lubed it. No noise.
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    Frickin a/c still/Truck Will Not Start/Hatch Will Not Open....

    Okay I have done all the resets of the HVAC unit as shown on videos here. Still ac works then stops and blows hot. After a while it might blow cold again. Blower never stops. In fact you don't realize it until you start sweating. Unit is computer unit with adjustable temp for driver and/or...
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    07 Yukon/Active fuel management

    What benefit is it to disconnect it? Saw this discussion on here. I have an 05 Tahoe that sucks on gas mileage. Didn't know if it would help me. Thanks for your response, Geotrash.
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    2005 Tahoe

    Thanks for response. Tell I'm getting old? Worked on cars all my life and it never occurred to me the grounds. Lol Next problem. System blows a/c the warm sometime. I recalibrated like a guy showed me but no change. Time to change out dash unit?
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    07 Yukon/Active fuel management

    What is the purpose of the AFS?
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    2005 Tahoe

    Within the last 6 months I have had periodic starting problem. Just randomly have to keep turning the key till it starts. New battery, tested starter (good). When dead, lights come on but engine is totally quiet almost like battery is disconnected. Normally takes 25-30 times and then it starts. WTF?
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    Weird noise from the rear. Cant fugure it out.

    I am getting a clicking sound coming from the cargo area wall on the passenger side of my 05 Tahoe LT. Can anyone help? Also a/c fan clicking when the fan speed turned up? IDN!
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    HVAC problem

    Will doing this reset also fix the system constantly blowing hot then a/c? Like your videos. Have been helpful with other items. Thanks woodsie679@gmail.
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    HVAC problem

    A/C blows cold then hot then cold. Was told there was a simple sequence of action that will reset system. ie: push auto twice, wait 30seconds,turn key on, etc. 2005 Tahoe with digital unit.

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