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    whine from rear BOSE speakers (Not rear control unit)

    2007 Tahoe LTZ - BOSE Radio. I seem to be developing a whine in my rear speakers, I have replaced the rear center console heater control unit with 2 different new GM units and they both did the same thing. So I highly doubt that the rear controls are the issue. I am wondering what others...
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    GM just does not care anymore. Leaving after 40 years

    It is about moving a product, and hoping you do not need a repair on their dime.
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    GMT800 vs GMT900. Which to buy?

    The Catalytic Convertor, is almost always the Right Side (Bank 2), one time out of the 5 it has failed was bank 1, every other time is Bank 2. It lasted about 70,000 miles this last time, I think this last failure was my own fault because I took so long to replace Cyl 8 spark plug. I have...
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    GMT800 vs GMT900. Which to buy?

    As mentioned before, I have 280K on my 2007 Tahoe LTZ. In January my wife and me went to Hawaii, and we rented a newer Tahoe GMT900. It was a nice truck had some newer features, but it did not have anything that made me want one. And, with only 60,000 miles on it the truck ran like garbage...
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    GMT800 vs GMT900. Which to buy?

    I have a 2007 Tahoe LTZ, 280,000 miles, burns no oil, original 4 speed Transmission (never rebuilt) The only recurring issue I have is the catalytic convertor likes to fail, and no one can diagnose why. I had the rear axle rebuilt at around 200K due to a funny noise. Beyond that it has been...
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    2007 LTZ Catalytic Convertor Woes

    What brand Catalytic convertors are people having good luck and bad luck with? 2007 LTZ 5.3 4WD Superior - The Ebay Brand Evan Fisher - REPC960340 Ultra Power - 3011802 Davico - 19406 Original Performance - OPCG4052A Walker - 50469 AP / Eastern - 645459 FVP - 50450 Davico - 49406 (Twice the...
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    Radio drains battery.

    2007 Tahoe LTZ I just read this thread The thread above seems to point to the primary switch on the drivers door, either the door actuator, or the main switch (with the window switches, door locks etc) And...
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    2007 Right turn signal turns on Brights - SOLVED

    UPdate: Ended up purchasing a new turn signal 15849314 from GM Parts Direct, ended up paying $34.05 + $12.45 for Shipping total of $45.50. The switch is easy to swap out, you do need a size 25 Torx bit (preferably a driver) a small flat screw driver or a pick. Pretty straight forward. 1)...
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    Driver Speaker Quit-Where to Start?

    a little dielectric grease helped too after I cleaned it up.
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    Driver Speaker Quit-Where to Start?

    My 07 got a little corrosion on the plug itself by the speaker. I took the door panel off, and unplugged it, took some sandpaper and just cleaned up the contacts. Put it back together and it has been fine since.
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    2007 Right turn signal turns on Brights - SOLVED

    Not a whole lot, the ole Tahoe is running good, really have not had many issues with it. Ended up buying a new vehicle to ultimately replace it but for now I am going to keep my 2007 as a winter vehicle until it completely dies.
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    2007 Right turn signal turns on Brights - SOLVED

    IDK how to delete the thread, I just ordered a new unit. Appears to be quite easy to install. About 10 min.
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    2007 Right turn signal turns on Brights - SOLVED

    2007 Tahoe LTZ 4x4 5.3 Flex, 279,000 miles When I turn the right turn signal on, sometimes it likes to flash my bright lights, I just have to touch the lever and the brights will turn off. I know it is the switch wearing out, but is it servicable or just get a whole new switch.
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    If you won the lottery and you could have any truck, what would you choose?

    I didn't win the lottery, but I just bought a new (2022) Durango SRT. I liked it better than the Tahoe and it can tow about the same. I kept my 2007 Tahoe for backup, winter beater etc..
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    Steering Wheel

    Fair enough.
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    Steering Wheel

    So yesterday I took a brand new, only 4 miles 2023 Tahoe Premier (with additional options) for a drive. I really liked it but I felt like the steering wheel was small. Coming from my 2007 it was noticably smaller, and in effect where I like my 2007 wheel in relation to the seat I found that I...
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    Should I take a 3000 miles road trip w/ 144k miles

    I have 274,000 miles on my 2007 Tahoe 5.3 LTZ and I would not think twice about going on a 3000 or 5000 mile trip. Matter of fact Last summer I went on a 3280 mile trip to Bozeman MT without a hitch. Of course it really depends on your truck, how well it is maintained, and if you are...
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    I think the dealership destroyed my engine

    My sister took her Diesel to an oil change place and they drained the oil, replaced the filter and then filled the oil and apparently the tech forgot to replace the drain plug so the oil drained right through it. She started it with no oil, Needless to say it was a huge and expensive oops for...
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    2022 Orders Buyer Beware - Sitting in Texas for months

    They are loading up cars all over the place. If you use Google earth and type Flint, MI, go exactly 2 miles north and you will spot several parking lots full of cars, tens of thousands of trucks. These come and they go, they will fill a lot and they will sit for months, then one morning there...
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    Random Service 4x4 2007 Tahoe LTZ

    When you own the company it is kind of difficult. lol
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    Power Stop Rotors any good ?

    Not used their Rotors, but I am very pleased with their pads.
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    Random Service 4x4 2007 Tahoe LTZ

    I will have to do that, All I know is it always happens at the most inopportune times, like early morning on my way to work, never coming home from work.
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    Random Service 4x4 2007 Tahoe LTZ

    I tried doing a search, as I was sure someone experienced this. 2007 Tahoe 4x4 LTZ, Flex Fuel, Bone stock no modifications. 263,000 miles. Long story short, it works fine in the summer, but the winter when it gets colder I get an occasional "Service 4x4 System" message in the DIC. If I...
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    Sat in a 2019 Denali, was not comfortable

    The worst part of my Explorer ST was the center row seats were more comfortable than the front seats.

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