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  1. 01Konvict

    2013 Escalade AWD looking for some lift

    Yes I have 4-5 different ones and all various lengths by manufactures. The best thing to do is disconnect front u joint and push driveshaft all the way into transfer case then measure how long of shaft u need to u joint centerline from front diff to rear I joint at case. Get that measurement and...
  2. 01Konvict

    Stock lug nuts

    Sold thanks to @swathdiver
  3. 01Konvict

    Stock lug nuts

    Nope you have to know the sites that have it for $8.15
  4. 01Konvict

    Stock lug nuts

    PM sent but think flat rate usps is $8 small box.
  5. 01Konvict

    Stock lug nuts

    Leftover stock lug nuts for sale $10 plus shipping. Qty 24 SOLD
  6. 01Konvict

    2007-2014 Tahoe Yukon third brake light

    I put an Escalade third brake light on my yukon and took this one off. Everything works and only a couple faint scratches. I haven’t tried wet sand and polish but very possible to come out. $40 plus shipping
  7. 01Konvict

    07-13 Denali taillights

    Still have them and sent PM back
  8. 01Konvict

    07-13 Denali taillights

    Selling my 2011 Yukon Denali tail lights. They fit 2007-2013. $60 plus shipping
  9. 01Konvict

    Full Length LED Third Brake Light (CHMSL)

    That’s a deal on this light!
  10. 01Konvict

    Left-Front Suspension Popping

    Mine has the same left side front end pop. I checked all connections and everything looks good. I’m guessing it’s an upper or lower control arm bushing at frame. Maybe the rack itself but not sure. Happens when I first drive it after sitting a while and only when turning right.
  11. 01Konvict

    Denali Fender Flares

    Those are just z71 flares on a lt. the ltz and denali have different rear bumpers. The hole mounts are slightly different too. Takes a little finesse to fit on a yukon but it does work
  12. 01Konvict

    Denali Fender Flares

    They will fit your denali with the mods I pictured. You will need to cut and shave the front edge to bumper along with rear body to bumper line. The denali has a different rear bumper that leaves a tiny gap on the lower section of flare. That’s what I was referring for about make sure you mold...
  13. 01Konvict

    Lift Plans 2008 XL Denali

    Rough country lift doesn’t have any rear drop members for suspension. I prefer pro comp 6” over it or bds/zone 4”. All of those increase front track width. Bulletproof 6-8” doesn’t increase width. Might need rear pro comp drop brackets can’t be certain right now for bulletproof. Wheel choice...
  14. 01Konvict

    Let's see some pics of some lifted and leveled

    Mark the cut line while on the car and then remove to cut it. Reinstall once cut and it clips into the center section only
  15. 01Konvict

    How To: Setup Auto Ride for Lifts

    Your model most likely has the magnetic and air ride. Easiest way to tell is look for the ride height sensors. Either kit will work but suspension max comes with the brackets. Maybe ccm makes them now but not positive.
  16. 01Konvict

    How To: Setup Auto Ride for Lifts

    @Blkdout07 Thanks man! Definitely tried to share the knowledge of dealing with a lift on auto ride. The 10-24 rod does work just loses the infinite adjustments of rod spacers. Must of gone up on costs because they were $40 a pair. Sounds like you figured out the front splice you retain electric...
  17. 01Konvict

    2007 Escalade Rear Shock Extenders Hack

    Another option is the rough country 3.5” rear shock extensions. You have to call them to get those parts only.
  18. 01Konvict

    What the crack color is this ??

    Yup it’s ice blue metallic. Only made in 2011. Super rare color! I love mine and want a newer one but can’t give up this color.
  19. 01Konvict

    2011 Yukon Denali 7" FTS lift... custom build for Denali

    I’ve used power stop and like the stop tech better so far. Used them on 3 cars now. Thanks man! I try to keep it clean and nice. Eventually I’ll get some coil overs and ditch the auto ride system. Not sure when maybe another year
  20. 01Konvict

    2011 Yukon Denali 7" FTS lift... custom build for Denali

    No problem. Yes with their rotors. First time with these pads but rotors have been great so figure pads could be good too. Definitely notice better pedal response already
  21. 01Konvict

    2011 Yukon Denali 7" FTS lift... custom build for Denali

    Went with stop tech slotted and their truck suv pads. $610 for all corners. Should help stop the rolling mass better
  22. 01Konvict

    2011 Yukon Denali 7" FTS lift... custom build for Denali

    Did a brake upgrade today and polishing all the wheels up for a fresh ceramic coat.
  23. 01Konvict

    New shoes with trimming required.

    Looks good. You could of went with the 305/45R22 versions which are XL rated and only weigh 47 lbs compared to yours at 63 lbs. Also load rating is 118 to 124.

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