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  1. petethepug

    Best option for my transmission?

    Let us know what the guy at the trannie shop tells ya.
  2. petethepug

    Best option for my transmission?

    Fear (false evidence appearing real) of a huge financial event driving indecision as a survival tool until an absolutely safe opportunity arrives. Going to an Indi is the first and most frightening step to facing the facts. Getting a 2nd opinion is even harder. If you’re done all this before...
  3. petethepug

    Best option for my transmission?

    I know you’re nerves are shot worrying about a possible major expense crunch. It’s a good thing your scanner shows no codes. * Is the scanner Tech2 GM based? * My 6L80 trans codes showed only when active and disappeared even with a Tech2 I have to drive with it plugged in until it triggered...
  4. petethepug

    Best option for my transmission?

    Working off the raw data and facts is a lot more interesting and helpful. Even if you go to Kragen or AutoZone to have them pull some codes for you, start there. Speculation is expensive in financial matters. Would it be a good idea to see if there’s a failed shift solenoid or loose / worn...
  5. petethepug

    Source for a “Better” 6L80

    I specifically used a local shop where the owner has the knowledge to rebuild a transmission himself. The owner works full time as a diesel school bus mechanic for our school district. He goes to his shop after work for a few hours every day. Fortunately, or unfortunately my trans rebuild...
  6. petethepug

    Best option for my transmission?

    You’ve got a budget, I get it. The labor, yours or a shop is paramount if you get a dud transmission. Bad if it’s your T&L, worse if it’s someone you’re paying, potentially to do it twice. You’ll also have to reprogram the TCM. The best price I’ve heard of is a Chevy dealer doing it for $175. I...
  7. petethepug

    Time Capsule

    Slap on a range disabler to put the AFM to sleep while simultaneously giving the trans and motor a tune. Add the $59 Crutchfield A2DP BT music adapter and say buh-bye to the known troubles of a Gen 4. Ha, it’s even got Autoride. Wait! The dash is gonna crack and the clear coat is ticking when...
  8. petethepug

    What models have AWD ? Tahoe / Yukon / Escalade

    Bummer, sorry your truck was totaled. I hope everyone is all right alongside the emotional trauma of it all. The GM Gen 4 / NNBS / 900 / 07-14 are a good 300k mile vehicle and gladly sacrifice themselves for their occupants. All 07 & 08 Escalade (403 hp) & Denali (385 hp) are AWD 6.2L w/o AFM...
  9. petethepug

    2008 Yukon body to axle rubber line fitting size

    I hope you get this figured out bro. I know it's been a PITA.
  10. petethepug

    Cross country trip MN to AZ

    Even before I could type in those pesky heater hose barbs, they beat to it. Replacing the plastic expansion tank and the cap is another way to stave off an intermittent overheat. The expansion tanks crack and slowly allow coolant to leak as vapor so it's almost impossible to see there's a...
  11. petethepug

    2014 Tahoe jack handle dimensions?

    I'm not in front of my truck right now but one thing pops into my head. Are the lug heads the same size on the 2500 as the 1500?
  12. petethepug

    07 escalade AC smells like vinegar or musty

    Here ya go. There's a less expensive version that's "electrostatic" too. If you go through R/A use the 5% discount code. The GM filters have little cut outs along the edges that allow it to bend so when you install & remove the filter it's really easy to slide in. Most of the others do not.
  13. petethepug

    Mice in getting inside

    Mice totaled my buddies 02 Tahoe in Salem, OR. Tried everything, nothing worked. Cleaned it out as good as possible and a dealer gave him $1500 for it without a test drive. I’m still laughing knowing he sold a live truck to a Mom n Pop dealer. It’s the scent trails you can’t see and the mice...
  14. petethepug

    07 escalade AC smells like vinegar or musty

    Adding a Cabin air filter, especially the activated charcoal version will undo the funk after you wash the evap coils off. Imagine if you ran your home hvac for 13 years without a filter. Now imagine driving your home at 70mph on the highway for 13 years how nasty it’d be. We’ve been...
  15. petethepug

    5.3 DoD Delete Stock Replacement Cam -- What's the Verdict

    You got some PDQ and damn good info there. Love this game place.
  16. petethepug

    Buying out of State - Lemon Squad

    It’s the end of the movie month on a holiday weekend so if you find a truck you want local, now’s the time to torture the used car lots of major dealerships. Make an offer that works for you and walk away if need be. Be prepared for a phone call around this Tu or Wed, the last day of the month...
  17. petethepug

    Yukon Denali worth with blown engine

    Goodnesses! Why hasn’t someone posted the 'L94 to L96 engine swap thread' Especially the Denali trim with leather & heated seats. Pick the right year L96 out of a 1/2 or 3/4 ton and you’ll get near the same hp but it’ll run...
  18. petethepug

    Buying out of State - Lemon Squad

    People who live in places where they don’t salt the roads probably take it for granted.
  19. petethepug

    RockAuto Coupon Code Needed

    Here’s one they sent me good for a month or two. 232913788209137600
  20. petethepug

    Buying out of State - Lemon Squad

    Good move on buying what you want and expanding your search. I had to do the same to get a one year only 09 6.2L w/o AFM and flex fuel. My salesperson at the TX Lexus dlr referred me to a mobile inspection company. The $179 cost saved me another $1k. I drove it home to CA 15 min after I bought...
  21. petethepug

    Battery Tender with De-sulfication Built It

    Cool, sounds like one of the Bosch batteries still on the shelf when they switched to the Champion name plate.
  22. petethepug

    I am now the proud owner of a 2011 "Border Patrol Build" Chevy Tahoe SSV

    That’s really cool. Nice to know they’re close to home. That’d be the perfect beater for hauling the bulldogs around.
  23. petethepug

    2011 Tahoe/Wife says that I need a new vehicle..

    I think his wife made him sell it or trade it in. One post about selling his truck in Jan, 3 Mo later, he’s gone with no responses
  24. petethepug

    '12 Denali AWD RH motor mount replacement

    When I think 6.2 AWD motor mounts, the first thought that comes to mind is wondering if it’s time for a rear main seal or major trans service. It’s not fair those mounts are so easy to replace when the trans is out.
  25. petethepug

    2013 Yukon Denali 6.2 lifter problem and cost??

    Don’t forget about the L94 to L96 swap You can even use a preloved L96 to get you around until you or a GM tech on a side job does the lifter swap on your current L94 when it’s out. That crazy to think about having a L96...

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