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    23 Tahoe Grill Wrap, Tint, Side Markers

    Nice job with blacking out some of the exterior trim. Love seeing these wheels too, I just switched my order from Z71 to RST and added these wheels to the build. The wheels match with black trim much better than bronze. How do you find them in person?
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    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    ^^ what wheels are these? Look like the RST performance pack wheels. OEM or replicas?
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    Would trail boss axle half shaft fit Suburban?

    Here, at 4 minutes the GM engineer states that trail boss front half shafts were used on Escallade V:
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    DRL recall

    DRLs are indeed mandatory here in Canada, and they dim or turn off (depending on the car) when headlights are turned on. I don't get the hate for DRLs, with digital or otherwise always backlit dashes being more and more common on cars, I see idiots driving with their headlights off at night all...
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    Max Tow Orders

    Ah that would make sense. So NHT Max trailering and ZL6 Advanced Trailering would not be under constraint and available to order. Hopefully.
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    Max Tow Orders

    Yes, as much as I'd like an integrated TBC, I'm buying the pack in case I ever tow, I don't have anything to tow now. So if it's under constraint, it'll come off the build.
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    Max Tow Orders

    Thanks hopefully both of our orders get processed in a timely manner moving forward. One thing to note, when referencing the "max tow" are we talking about the "Max Trailering Package" which includes the trailer brake controller, or the "Enhanced Trailering Technology Package" which includes the...
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    Max Tow Orders

    I just emailed my sales rep, I'll report back what he says.
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    New here looking at ordering a 2023 Yukon Denali

    ^^ I just ordered a Tahoe Z71 with Max Trailering in Canada too (Ottawa area) and my dealer said it didn't look like there were any constraints on my build, and they're the largest volume dealer in the region (Surgenor). They even showed me their pending orders for Tahoes and highlighted those...
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    Max Tow Orders

    ^^ I just placed an order (in Canada) for Z71 with max tow/Lux/2nd row buckets and my dealer advised that it did not look like any of the options were under constraint. The order has not yet been picked up, however. I was quoted 3-6 months for delivery. I'm in a similar situation as you, I...

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