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    Bolt In Roller Pins -- Cunningham Machine

    Easiest way I have found for pins and bushings is to use my engine hoist. I use a fan belt and loop it around the door. The other way I've done it is with support underneath and slide the door back a little. I've done it both ways with no help, much easier if you have some help. Tape the door...
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    Bolt In Roller Pins -- Cunningham Machine

    Well, it's kind of like the Cunningham roller for $35 or the Dorman 1 for $7 or 8. I would have bought the Cunningham roller instead of the Dorman for sure. I have done plenty of the pins and bushings and some multiple times because of the junk parts available. The difference in price is worth...
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    Need some help - 1997 Tahoe Heater / Blower Motor

    Electricity must make a full trip back to the battery so always check the grounds. Need to check voltage but many times with no load voltage might check good then the load is too much for the bad connection and the motor won't run. I would check input and output at the switch itself before I...
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    Bolt In Roller Pins -- Cunningham Machine
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    Bolt In Roller Pins -- Cunningham Machine

    Looks like a quality piece, anything is better than the Dorman junk we've been using. Did you replace the bushings too? I've not tried the Cunningham bushings yet, I did buy the GM bolt in pin and bushing kit with the grease fittings for my pickup. If I do another I'm going to try their bushings.
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    The days of the "tune-up" a term that should have gone away by now. First place to start is with a scan for trouble codes and physical observation under the hood for signs of previous work performed. Maintenance items are replacement of spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor also filters air and...
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    VENTING!!! Rip-off Labor rates!

    When I had a shop I was in business to make money so I could afford to live indoors and feed my family. There were a lot of things I couldn't afford, still are. I wasn't a ministry or looking to do volunteer work with my business. Yes it sounds cold and cruel, but no one was going to come feed...
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    Help with Correct/Recommended Fluid for Rear Differential Fluid (2023)

    Pull the cover, it's simple. A tube of sealer and you can clean out the housing and magnet. Most any brand of fluid will be fine, synthetic if you like. When filling I try to get it just below the hole checking with a piece of coat hanger wire bent in an L. If you overfill let it run for a few...
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    Leak and ticking after oil change?

    My 98 K2500 with a 5.7 ticks sometimes, only use Mobil 5000 5w-30 in it. Wait until it gets cold out and you hear the piston slap in these motors! Your oil drip might be from the oil filter area> With the sideways oil filter it's common for oil to spill onto the front driveline and drip...
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    So i bought a yukon

    I would start at the front bumper and work my way to the back going over everything and making a list. I do this whenever I or a family member buys a used vehicle. Note any and every little thing like a bulb out or a loose screw, then you can cross each item off as you do the fix. I also drain...
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    replacing the rear cargo doors on my early 99 tahoe

    I have a buddy did the same thing with a trailer into the back door of his Suburban. It was his trailer that he'd towed a lot, just had a brain fart. Just so you know you're not the first and won't be the last.
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    So i bought a yukon

    Great vehicles, I just sold my 99 Yukon but still have a Tahoe and Pickup. Plenty of common problems on a 20+yo vehicle but they're all fixable. What's the mileage?
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    94-99 2-Doors Cost

    Supply and demand plus the rising costs of ugly expensive to keep newer vehicles.
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    VENTING!!! Rip-off Labor rates!

    Back to the original topic. If anyone thinks running an automotive shop is easy step up and give it a try, the business is unlike anything else. The overhead is absolutely ridiculous for a legitimate shop before you can open the doors and say you repair vehicles. The cost of access to...
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    VENTING!!! Rip-off Labor rates!

    Do some research on pins and bushings before you jump in. Somewhere I posted a thread, did 3 sets on my vehicles. The fancy set I put on my pickup is holding up well. The Dorman sets are junk and I was redoing 2 of the Dorman sets I had originally installed. Someone linked a company that makes...
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    Security Light Issue

    FWIW if you find someone that reprograms modules they can delete that POS system.
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    VENTING!!! Rip-off Labor rates!

    Did they fix your truck? Since you provided the part I'm sure you don't have any guarantee. I didn't install customers parts for many reasons.
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    CV Axle for 97 2dr, does it have ABS ring

    Not getting old sucks a lot more!
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    CV Axle for 97 2dr, does it have ABS ring Here's a pic of a hub. The hub comes with the front ABS sensor as the tone ring is internal to the hub
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    I read a BUNCH of threads here ....

    I ran a profitable shop that only worked on domestic vehicles, which was possible at the time 20 years ago. I did not attempt to try and make money taking an engine apart or a transmission. I watched plenty try and most times lose money, too time consuming and 1 part failure and your profits for...
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    CV Axle for 97 2dr, does it have ABS ring

    If I remember correctly tone ring is part of the hub that the CV joint slides into, not part of the CV joint.
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    Clunk (hard shift?) when accelerating up a steep hill? Other noises too.

    Yes it should be checked out, it's a 25yo vehicle.
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    Crank and no start no fire from coil

    That's very sad that Standard Motor Products quality is that bad, used to always be the one you could depend on. They do make 2 different lines now to compete with the junk. I am very glad I no longer attempt to repair vehicles for my living. I don't see how anyone could stand the failed...
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    Crank and no start no fire from coil

    What brand sensors were you buying? Is the good one the same Brand?, if so I'd be worried about it.
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    In search of a 2 door Tahoe LT...

    We have a blue on blue and the interior is in pretty good shape. Of course the seat bottoms show wear but still pretty good. Unfortunately the repro companies don't offer blue replacements as it wasn't popular.

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