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    You Run A Mobil 1 Oil Filter?

    m1 212A went on, and m1 0w40
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    100K Mile Maintenance

    that recall was to lower the output of the power steering ..... the 12vDC ones overheat easily (high current draw) hence the recall (software performance limited) the 48v (12v to 48vDC) power steering rack on this GMT900 series has better performance overall. since it's an exact fit on to...
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    New battery cable install

    it's on there good penetrating oil might be required i never did get mine replaced as i could not get the one off the block
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    PPV “Stealth Mode” disabling/delete

    have you tried double button press i have to do this on mine other wise the lights just flash instead
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    Cloud feeling Suspension?

    it's firm level ride with the XFE meaning the body stays level and the suspension does the work, the hybrid is kinda bouncy, but has a cloud steering...
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    Gas vs Diesel fuel price

    not everyone can buy from a DEF pump though
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    Gas vs Diesel fuel price

    does this price include the price of DEF ? the cost per mile is way higher
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    Weird Flickering lights

    just have the alternator rebuilt. i did that on my Toyota Corolla it was only 120-220$(depending on how far you want it rebuilt) to rebuild it (bad diode) most likely one of the diode(s) have gone flaky.... a remanufactured was 450$
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    2022 Yukon Denali with failed Serial Data Gateway Module as a result of OTA updates.

    contact a lawyer for a lemon buy back since you're having a lot of issues
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    Cloud feeling Suspension?

    the hybrid has the soft suspension with ZW7 self leveling
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    Cloud feeling Suspension?

    the smallest rims on a NNBS tahoe is 17" that means you would need 265/70/17 to be equal size to the 18" 265-65-18 i don't think 15" tires fit on a 17" rim
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    12v outlets always on

    Get a solar panel to keep the battery topped off
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    Cloud feeling Suspension?

    you will want the suspension used on the XFe
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    2009 Yukon SLT XFE ride rough, body mounts?

    the XFE as a pretty good suspension over all I had a tahoe Xfe it had a nice firm smooth ride (had to return due to car title issues) :( ...
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    Any aluminum radiators that don't crack annually?

    mine is from 2008 2008 model year so 15 years old
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    Motor Oil Brand vs Consumption?

    I did the oil change my self yesterday.. saved a bit of money slightly messy but i did it.. used Pennzoil natural gas version.. i did have to waste a lot of time as the walmart put the oil filter on very tight to i had to waste more time getting a wrench to get it off..
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    08 Tahoe Oil Leak Near Trans Pan and Oil Filter

    60-65PSI on startup averaging [email protected] 600+rpm while the vehicle is in gear Pennzoil platinum (natural gas version 5w30) according the meter on the cluster hot it will get to 45psi at idle
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    2021+ GMC Yukon Pricing vs. 2019 Pre-pandemic deals w/ snapshots

    were experiencing a sharp increase in repos now there is no shortage this was taken april 6th now the number of cars has grown another 25%+
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    Transmission gone... does this rebuild estimate seem fair?

    the temp of the transmission should not even matter mine barely touches 135F on the highway.... even on the uphill side
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    belt and tensioner replacement

    sorry i posted this the in the wrong area should be in the 2007-14 the Tensioner is unloaded no drive accessories besides the water pump..
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    belt and tensioner replacement

    planing to do the belt and tensionor does the tensionor actually need to be replace or just put a new belt the total costs with the tensionor would be 89$ for OEM parts the belt is almost completely worn through
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    Motor Oil Brand vs Consumption?

    but if the oil gets that hot then that means a friction problem
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    Motor Oil Brand vs Consumption?

    vegetable oil gets thicker then molasses
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    08 Tahoe Hybrid no start/ no crank after AFM valve replacement

    photos would be great even a TSB because i see bad conduit on my engine went bad ( bought brand new OEM conduit :D )
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    Had another lifter collapse at 281K, Now running it as a 6 cylinder

    Odometer mileage divided by gallons pumped... try and use the same pump for consistency

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