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    Custom Tune Review!

    @NickTransmissions thanks for your quick response and information! Where are you located by the way? So to respond in order: -No check engine lights or codes according to a scan with the GM Tech2. 1. Adapts (or lack thereof) resulting from either mechanical issues, programming changes -- a...
  2. J

    Custom Tune Review!

    @NickTransmissions Hey Nick! I have been seeing you getting really active here and I am relatively new as well and trying to contribute but my current job and 5 kids keep me busy. I was hoping to maybe get your opinion on my situation which I will summarize below so you do not have to read...
  3. J

    2011 Tahoe Pad & Rotor recommendation

    I’m going to have to do the fronts on my 2011 with 97k as well. Pads are 4mm but I’m getting some pulsating now. I have always had good luck with Centric rotors and posi quiet pads and thinking of trying that but the size of this truck makes me think I need something a little stronger...
  4. J

    2012 Yukon Denali strange noise after truck turned off

    Try engaging the emergency brake and see if it changes anything. Almost sounds like a creaking e-brake.
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    Custom Tune Review!

    There seems to be conflicting opinions of the valve body. I am trying to decide if I should try and re-build it myself or just buy the remanufactured one from Sonnax at Rockauto but I definitely want to move forward soon. I am leaning towards just doing the Sonnax valve body, rebuild the TECHM...
  6. J

    Seat Swap Captains for Bench

    Hah! Good to know. Ya never know going to Philly what your gonna get but this was a good experience and I would go back! He didn’t negotiate hard and helped load, etc. The more the I think about I do maybe remember seeing stacked lumber over a white chain link fence. Do you live close to Philly?
  7. J

    Rear main seal leak? Pics attached

    What’s was the damage for all that?
  8. J

    Seat Swap Captains for Bench

    I do not specifically recall a lumber yard but it was across from a field/playground right off the bridge street exit sb of 95.
  9. J


    Did you do the slight bending of the exhaust to get the pan off and out? I’m mustering up the strength to try and do the valve body and rebuild the TECHM.
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    Custom Tune Review!

    So in my research of the transmission and valve body I found the Sonnax article found below regarding an added 8th checkball into the valve bodies starting 2014 due to customer complaints of a rough shift from 2nd to 1st. Wondering if this would also help my 3-2 gear? I was going to contact...
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    Custom Tune Review!

    Unfortunately I don’t know the history of the car but the fluid was red before I changed it! I have been driving the truck a little bit more and all upshifts are ok except I get a little flare from I think 3-4 and then the rough down shifts. I’m definitely leaning towards trying the Sonnax...
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    Maintenance fluid and filter questions.

    I just performed all this same maintenance last fall except for the trans service which I paid to have done but now be replacing the valve body and rebuilding the TECHM so please share your experience going though the pan removal! Regarding the other items, I used ramps for the front and then...
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    Custom Tune Review!

    Thanks! Oh yea!! Its crazy at times but awesome as well! I just really hope this baby is a lump because all 4 of our others have continued to escalate and our current two year is literally Jack Jack from the Incredibles red hair and all!!! Already am but its going to get worse! Luckily my...
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    Custom Tune Review!

    Funny timing as I just re-read through your journey the night before last! That is part of why I thought about doing the already rebuilt valve body and then just doing the TECHM re-build. I will definitely reach out to you for additional questions as I am still assembling what I think I would...
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    is anyone with a tech2 local to Philly area ?

    Hey so I am running into some trouble with my tranny as well that not many people seem to have a problem with. Everyone says 2-3 shift but mine is actually 3-2 when stopping. Looking at doing the same thing you did and wanted to see how yours went. Did you find a tech2 local to Philly?
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    Custom Tune Review!

    O What all can the Tech2 tell me about the trans that the HPTuners didn't show? The Tech2 can do the trans adapt if I change the valvebody correct? I called two other local transmission places and they do not rebuild the 6l80s either. That is now 4 places I have called and they all only do...
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    Custom Tune Review!

    Yes I am referring to a harsh down shift from 3-2 mostly. Sometimes it’s harsh from 2-1 sometimes it’s not. However, it’s never harsh on up shifts at all. Only when it’s hot downshifts when coming to a stop. Would the remanufactured valve body by Sonnax on rock auto be a good option? If I did...
  18. J

    Custom Tune Review!

    Thanks! Yes he disabled AFM right away! Guess I forgot the price lol but it was $600. I think his normal dyno tune price is $700.
  19. J

    Custom Tune Review!

    Hi All, I wanted to post a review of a local tuner I just had a 2.5 hour road tune with this past Saturday (longish read an maybe not organized by I tried lol). This was my first time ever experiencing a tune of a car. I have done some minor performance mods here and there throughout the...
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    Valve tick or normal sound?

    Thanks for the replies all. I checked in with the tuner and we are still a go for this weekend! @petethepug - I absolutely do that did that on the past oil change as well! I am starting a little emergency fund for any of these little issues that may creep up that I feel I cannot tackle. If...
  21. J

    Seat Swap Captains for Bench

    Check out some local junk yards because I found a small salvage place in northeast Philly on Facebook market place that I just bought a second row bench to replace my captains with for $200!! They actually had three sets, two perforated and one not. Overall good condition too! Not sure if...
  22. J

    Valve tick or normal sound?

    So I installed an oil catch can this weekend based on info both here on the site and others and upon completing it and take it for a ride, I feel like the valve tick is getting louder but wanted to see if others agree. If anyone has time to compare this video to the first one, it sounds like...
  23. J

    Black Bear Tune Review

    What gave out on yours trans and how many miles?
  24. J

    Oil pan gasket leak?

    I was thinking of trying that just to see if it would help. I had a very similar leak and started a thread a few weeks ago and just haven't had time to get pictures posted. My leak to be in the same location, the back corner of the oil pan gasket or the rear main, which it appears dry in...
  25. J

    2011 Yukon Denali trans rebuild cost?

    Luckily mine seems fine now but I will be doing some more research locally for based on your comments!

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