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  1. Mathnerd

    Putting a 2018 Silverado/Sierra Jump Seat into a 2016 Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon?

    I know this is a couple years old, but would you be willing to share the STL file for the covers?
  2. Mathnerd

    Nav acting odd

    I did make sure the pin was locked into the connector shell. That was part of what makes me think someone did this on purpose. Either that or the connector was not assembled correctly at the factory and the pin pushed out when it was initially connected which means the nav has not worked...
  3. Mathnerd

    Nav acting odd

    Ok. I just pulled the nav out of the dash and lo and behold the green wire is pushed back out of the connector by about 1/8". I pushed it back in and everything works as it should. There is evidence that someone has been back there before so I am guessing somebody did this on purpose. Why would...
  4. Mathnerd

    Nav acting odd

    Nav is factory, I checked the RPO's in the glovebox. I am going to check all the connectors on the back of the radio just to be sure nothing has come loose.
  5. Mathnerd

    Nav acting odd

    I just picked up an '08 Avalanche LTZ with factory nav and it seems to be misbehaving. After a destination is entered you get the "proceed to the highlighted route" message and then you dont get any more voice prompts. I made sure that voice prompts are turned on and the volume is set where you...
  6. Mathnerd

    want 200 amps at Idle?

    I think this is the alternator that comes on the V8 trucks already. The original post notes that the alt has shown 200A when cold but can sustain the rated capacity at idle when hot. It looks like a good option for the S10 crowd but I think GMT800's already have them.