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  1. grouch

    1997 Dodge Dakota rust buggy

    I picked up a cheap truck a while back. It came from north of here so it's rusty. The frame and cab mounts are good. There are a couple of frame splices that are rusty but they should still be plenty strong for what I want to do. Normally, my vehicles will suggest a name after a while but this...
  2. grouch

    Who's the ass that did this??

    There is sometimes Karma for people like that. Many years ago, I was a volunteer police officer. Coming back from a detail, I had two regular officers in my unit car going back downtown. We were waiting at a light when a guy pushed a boxer dog out of his truck, jumped into his truck and took off...
  3. grouch

    I think the dealership destroyed my engine

    I have seen drain plugs not properly tightened and fall out going down the road. The low oil cut off came around in the early 80's. They were everywhere until the 90's, but they have been around quite a while. Quite possible something popped inside and sucked all the oil out. I've seen diesels...
  4. grouch

    Remove airbag stickers?

    It may not be an issue right now, just annoying. However, years down the road, if you sell the truck to someone else and they get hurt, you removed a Federally mandated warning sticker and they may also know an ambulance chaser who will then sue you.
  5. grouch

    Hi Everyone! I am a new owner of a 99' Escalade

    I had a 2000 Escalade when I joined here. One thing to keep in mind is that the 1999 and 2000 Escalade's are actually GMC Yukon's with Cadillac badging. The first actual Cadillac was the late 2000's. I had a consistent problem with mine in damp weather. It turned out to be a cracked distributor...
  6. grouch

    A Sad Day on Friday the 13th

    I've fixed and flipped enough cars through the years that while it CAN be fixed, I don't know if it's worth it. I'd look for a cheap, high miles clone to swap the drivetrain over to. Add some new suspension parts and maybe customize it a bit. You'll get a replacement. It won't be the same...
  7. grouch

    2005 PT Cruiser convertible. Sell or trade.

    More pictures of the car.
  8. grouch

    2005 PT Cruiser convertible. Sell or trade.

    I've got a 2005 PT Cruiser convertible in pretty good shape for sale. I bought it to help settle an estate. It's a blast to drive but I have issues getting out of it. It looks, runs and drives pretty good. I just had the one rust hole repaired with metal. The guy also did a partial respray. It...
  9. grouch

    Dealers suck.

    Pretty soon Ford will have different set ups for different dealers. Part of that will be NO negotiating and there will be fast chargers. If this works out, you can bet GM, and probably Stellantis will follow.
  10. grouch

    Dealers suck.

    Something similar happened to my brother-in-law a few years back. He left a deposit on a new car that was on the lot. He said he would be back from a business trip in a week. The deposit was to hold the vehicle for 3 weeks. His trip was supposed to be 1 1/2 weeks but he had seen them run longer...
  11. grouch

    Old black Betty build

    Nice looking ride, but don't get carried away with the "Carolina Squat". I was following a truck down some road repaving and he caught his trailer hitch and bumper on the manhole extension. Tore them right off. It also makes it hard to drive at night. Your's isn't as extreme as the ones that get...
  12. grouch

    Street Racing is a RUSH, until it isn't. Top 10 Reasons to STOP!

    In Indiana, street racing is 10 points against your license. Basically, it costs you your license. Another point not in the video, at the strip, you have a time slip to prove how fast you went. Not just hot air blowing out
  13. grouch

    Opinions of this 2002 TrailBlazer

    My old Escalade had broken handles and I found repair kits on Fleabay.
  14. grouch

    Opinions of this 2002 TrailBlazer

    I stand corrected. I thought you were talking about getting it for your daughter. Since it's not your daughter, go with the phrase, "Happy wife, happy life".
  15. grouch

    Opinions of this 2002 TrailBlazer

    No, he's being a Daddy. He wants his youngin' to be happy. I dote on my nieces and nephews. Granted, I wouldn't spend that much on a Trailblazer, but tastes vary. If the kid is happy, she'll remember it years down the road when I comes time to pick a nursing home. :D
  16. grouch

    Opinions of this 2002 TrailBlazer

    In Indiana the plates stay with the owner. That's how the Governor gets his cut every time it changes hands. If I sell a car to OR Vet, he pays taxes and fees. If he then sells it a couple of months later, the next person pays the taxes and fees. The same for owner #3, then #4. Obviously, this...
  17. grouch

    Opinions of this 2002 TrailBlazer

    That's the difference between being a father and being a Daddy. Any non-sterile male can be a father. It takes someone special to be a aDaddy.
  18. grouch

    Advice on best method to sell or part out 2000 Silverado

    Just wondering how this ended up.
  19. grouch

    Opinions of this 2002 TrailBlazer

    If she likes the Highlander and the price is decent, I'd say you may have found your next car. Toyota still had a premium reputation when it was built. Toyota and Honda have slipped slightly from #1 and #2 to #2 and #3. That's still pretty darn good though. For the last 30-40 years, the worst...
  20. grouch

    Opinions of this 2002 TrailBlazer

    Cars are like buses. There will be another one along. You're right to walk with low coolant. Either it has a leak (maybe a hose, maybe a head gasket) or was just not maintained. I'm not looking for another rebuild project but I'm looking to watch the market and there is some high priced junk out...
  21. grouch

    Alright ya'll, I need some guidance...

    I've had good luck with both Dodge and GM. Fords, not so much. Note I said Dodge. I've had newer Ram trucks and didn't care for them but they were beaters I resurrected. My current Dodge is a pre-Daimler vehicle. After the Germans looted the research funds, well, I don't plan to buy a new one...
  22. grouch

    Alright ya'll, I need some guidance...

    I've got a Mazda CX-5 that was a CPO and it came with an extended warranty. I don't know if it was my dealer or that is normal. A couple of small dings but otherwise it looked good. Being 3 years old, it probably just came off lease. Those have to be in really good shape or the leasee loses...
  23. grouch

    No more Wix Oil Filters for me (I switched to this one - here's why!)

    It doesn't do anything for non-ferrous metals or things like bits of gasket or sealant. Most reciprocating parts are steel though and it will catch the really small particles. I rebuilt an engine once and cleaned it nearly obsessively before I bolted everything together. At 100 miles after the...
  24. grouch

    Got to use the Tahoe as an "ambulance "

    Mother Nature can be a good neighbor. Fight her and you'll lose every time. Small raptors are a sign of a healthy ecosystem and they keep the population of prey animals healthy by catching the sick. I personally always carry a new, clean blanket in my vehicles in case I come up on an accident...
  25. grouch

    No more Wix Oil Filters for me (I switched to this one - here's why!)

    I've always had good luck with Fram filters. If my size isn't available, I'll go with STP branded filters. I do take an extra step and put a large ceramic magnet on the case of the filter (spin on type, not cartridge) to catch small ferrous particles. It's amazing what this will catch on a fresh...