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  1. Hoesgottaeat2

    Need some help - 1997 Tahoe Heater / Blower Motor

    In my experience with a '98 Burb I had with same symptom wound up being the climate control switch that you're leaning towards. Do any of you other fellas have any idea what the resistance of that blower resistor should be here to test before eliminating that as a suspect?
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  3. Hoesgottaeat2


    I'm just 5'9 so I sort of body surf over the engine bay to get to the distributor lol. Don't go to urgent care for the sore chest next day either. It's only bruised.
  4. Hoesgottaeat2

    Help with Correct/Recommended Fluid for Rear Differential Fluid (2023)

    Don't overthink it! Some folks go a lifetime with never changing the gear oil and are ok. But regular interval changes will help with peace of mind I say. Like any other engine lubricant, keeping it full is most important. And cleaner is always better.
  5. Hoesgottaeat2

    New to the forum

    Welcome from NY! Be sure to post pics when you get her home!
  6. Hoesgottaeat2

    New happy owner of 2023 Yukon Denali Duramax

    Welcome from NY!
  7. Hoesgottaeat2

    Leak and ticking after oil change?

    (3) of my last (4) of this generation Suburban/Tahoe have leaked oil at the rear seal. My current '99 Tahoe isn't leaking...yet lol. Even that, as well maintained as it is, has a lifter tick for a few seconds upon startup. Nothing to worry about imo. I'll throw a drip tray under them if they are...
  8. Hoesgottaeat2

    Going for 400K!

    Welcome from NY! Repair and maintenance on these rigs are part of the fun of owning them IMO. Well, as long as the repair is in my own garage and not on the side of the road lol.
  9. Hoesgottaeat2

    So i bought a yukon

    Nice looking '99! Welcome from NY!
  10. Hoesgottaeat2

    new to me 2014 ppv tahoe

    Welcome aboard from NY!
  11. Hoesgottaeat2

    Inexpensive obdII scanner

    I don't believe the model I have will do that. Mine is an Innova 3100 w/ABS model.
  12. Hoesgottaeat2

    1996 5.7 Oil Pressure

    I agree with @Eman85. I'm more of a 10w30 guy with the higher mileage but that shouldn't matter much imo. Mechanical gauge never hurts. Unless of course the tubing leaks in the cab somewhere lol. On my older, much older cars I use electric aftermarket gauges as opposed to mechanical for just...
  13. Hoesgottaeat2

    New member - 99 Tahoe

    They each need their own amount of TLC. I love these first gen's. As long as they have a solid body, they are worth the time and effort imo.
  14. Hoesgottaeat2

    Newbie here

    Nothing against Mopars here. I'm partial to late 60's/early 70's Plymouths myself. Welcome aboard from NY!
  15. Hoesgottaeat2

    New member - 99 Tahoe

    From (1) '99 Hoe owner to another, welcome aboard!
  16. Hoesgottaeat2

    New Member - Nick's Transmissions

    Welcome aboard from NY!
  17. Hoesgottaeat2

    1996 5.7 Oil Pressure

    Is that 20psi you're mentioning at idle? In my experience, 40-60psi cold at idle and 20-30psi when hot at idle is normal for the last (4) Vortec 5.7s I have owned.
  18. Hoesgottaeat2

    2021 9C1 PPV Tahoe

    Absolutely stunning! Welcome aboard from NY!
  19. Hoesgottaeat2

    New to me PPV

    Very nice rig! Let's see some more pics around it. And welcome aboard from NY!
  20. Hoesgottaeat2

    Need some help - 1997 Tahoe Heater / Blower Motor

    The switch in the dash is often a culprit with symptoms you describe as well. Replacement is pretty straight forward. Be sure to rule that out as well, if you haven't already.
  21. Hoesgottaeat2

    New Member, Long Time Tahoe Owner

    Partial to the first gen's myself. Welcome aboard from NY!
  22. Hoesgottaeat2

    Ran out of Caprice 9C1-LT1s, replaced with an old Tahoe

    Welcome aboard from NY!
  23. Hoesgottaeat2

    New Member from Ohio

    Welcome aboard from NY! Don't be afraid to throw some new plugs and wires on her too if they don't look they've been replaced recently.
  24. Hoesgottaeat2

    Inexpensive obdII scanner

    I like the Innova line myself. They have proven reliable and affordable to me over the last 10 years or so.
  25. Hoesgottaeat2

    Dead in the water

    Like I mentioned earlier, I have a battery that has both top and side posts. For the positive side only, I replaced the connector with one of these from the Wiring Depot. Accepts larger gauge wire to accommodate the starter and the fuse box power cable as well. If you go this route, be advised...

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