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  1. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    I've NEVER been a fan of the Venom tires. The don't look as aggressive as I'd like, and they somewhat resemble more of a street tire instead of an off road tire.
  2. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    Just to give you guys an update, I ended up getting another set of the same RBP's, so it drives a lot better than previously with my swerving issue. I didn't have the time to mount the Gladiator, and I needed tires right away. Once we move in a few months, I'll take the time to modify the...
  3. ProfeZZor X

    AT4 & Z71 Off Road Accessories by Westcott Designs

    Hey People, I was going through YouTube and a new video from Wescott Designs posted a video of their off road offerings for the Yukon AT4. I thought I'd share it with you in case you're looking for outdoor equipment to mount on your ride... Enjoy.
  4. ProfeZZor X

    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    I didn't quite get pulled over today, but I did get a verbal warning from a lone cop about my wide tires. It was one of those scenarios where a cop was driving amongst traffic on the road, and no one wanted to speed past him, even if he was going 10 miles less than the posted speed limit. This...
  5. ProfeZZor X

    What's Wrong With Your Yukon/Tahoe Today? ...And How Long Has This Been Happening?

    For the last few days I've been driving around locally, I noticed my steering feels a little peculiar. It's almost like it does a slight crab walk. It's not totally obvious, but you know when you have that instinct about something off when you're daily driving, and that one "thing" you feel...
  6. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    I've been doing some thinking lately, and I've decided to go one more round with the Repulsors. Only because I'll be moving in the next few months, and I don't want to screw up my escrow. Once I'm at the new place, I can relax and test fit the Gladiators until my heart's content... in the...
  7. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    As you can see, the thread on my current tires is getting pretty low. So much that I can noticeably feel it while driving. What we have below is my spare rim that i mounted the Gladiator X-Comp 35x12.50r24 tire on. I'm going to use it for placement if I need to modify the fenders any wider. I'd...
  8. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    Road noise raises the decibal level a little, but its very pleasant and not annoying. There's a mid-range hum whenever I drive that I discovered when I went with offroad wheels, but I have no complaints.
  9. ProfeZZor X

    Would you wait for the 2024?

    If GMC offered the Yukon as an EV option, I wouldn't have hesitated to get it, but so far nothing. And Tesla hasn't produced any large SUV options either... You'd think so with all the money they've been raking in lately.
  10. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    The perspective of the pictures is off because the tire is in front of the wheel, which makes it look so much larger than what it actually is. Yes it is big, but in reality it's a 35 compared to the 33 I currently have, so it only sticks out 1 inch both ways if you put them side by side or...
  11. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    The current setup is around 130 pounds per wheel, so yeah they're heavy. The ride isn't rough, but I do slow down for the larger potholes (which are rare). As for the stock tires, they're heavy, but not quite as much as these. And for the drive train, I haven't had any issues with steering wheel...
  12. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    I initially spoke to the shop owner before buying these tires, and it was him that recommended that I only buy one tire in case it didn't work out. So what we're going to do is fit this one tire on the front and rear of the vehicle, and see how much more needs to be cut. From there, we will make...
  13. ProfeZZor X

    2023 At4 Yukon coming from 2020 ford explorerr

    I've had my 22 Yukon AT4 for a little over a year now, and they're VERY hard to spot on the road. But besides that, I love my 6.2l and wide-ass wheels. People literally move out the way when they see me coming down the road.
  14. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    Bought a more aggressive tire to test out, since the tread on my existing tires are getting low. The Gladiator X-Comp is about as aggressive as they come, and I've always liked the way side lugs pop out. Yes, i might have turning issues as it stands, but again, this is just a test to see how...
  15. ProfeZZor X

    24x14 Offroad Wheels On An AT4

    Thought I'd add this one glamour shot since I haven't posted here in a while.
  16. ProfeZZor X

    Chrome delete picture thread

    The God-honest truth about why I partially went with an AT4, versus the Denali was because the AT4 came standard with it's own black out package... For example, the window trim and badges. I also wanted a low approach vehicle too, so it all worked out for the best.
  17. ProfeZZor X

    2021 Leveling/Larger tires

    My current tires are okay so far. I don't like how the side lugs have been gradually fading, because now they're starting to look like street tires instead of mud tires. So instead of going with another set of 33's and the same brand for my next set, I'm going with Gladiator X-Comp 35's. It's a...
  18. ProfeZZor X

    What's Wrong With Your Yukon/Tahoe Today? ...And How Long Has This Been Happening?

    My dash went black twice since I've owned it for one year. It was quickly resolved by restarting the vehicle, so it wasn't a big deal. Knock on wood, I haven't had any issues with my vehicle other than a visibly crooked AT4 logo on the passenger side door. The dealership that I bought it from...
  19. ProfeZZor X

    1Yr in owning my Redwood AT4

    Of course I had to chime in on the conversation too, considering you and I have the only Redwood Metallic AT4's on any forum... (so far). I believe there's a guy here in L.A. on this forum that has a Redwood Metallic Escalade. We bumped into each other about 6 months ago in passing, and we both...
  20. ProfeZZor X

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    The offset on my 24x14's are -76. I knew what I was getting into a couple of years ago before I even ordered these wheels. I just didn't like the "flush" look on current gen Yukon/Tahoes, and wanted to do something different. I did have to cut away some of the wheel well closer to the bottom...
  21. ProfeZZor X

    Lifted/Leveled 2021 - Postem Up

    I have the Ready-Lift 3" SST lift, and it's the right amount of lift for me without compromising parking garage clearances. with 33's and the 3" lift, my height comes in at around 6'6".
  22. ProfeZZor X

    2023 Yukon AT4 & 2023 Toyota Sequoia: Going TOW to TOW

    ...Same vehicles, but a different kind of comparison.
  23. ProfeZZor X

    EDIT: Helped me decide - went with Denali

    I don't regret choosing my AT4 one bit. At the time of my purchase, I didn't have many choices because of supply chain issues and dealer markup, but I also had a list of "must have" items that couldn't live without. Not only that, but AT4's are a little rarer than Z71, so that would help with...

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