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  1. Bigkevschopshop

    2016 Yukon Denali - I am getting double vision ghosting in my windshield. Normal?

    No HUD here and no ghosting but I am tall sitting 1" from headliner with my head for reference... 15 Burb
  2. Bigkevschopshop

    Autocross in a 'Burb

  3. Bigkevschopshop

    Autocross in a 'Burb

    20s or 22s are better suited I think for what your trying to do. But thats bad ass... Id put that truck in manual mode and get your rpm up some more and let it slow you down for later entry.
  4. Bigkevschopshop

    2018 6.2 Air Condition Issue

    Theoretically speaking you should be clear of the condenser issue years but its not unheard of. I would deff swing into dealer and let them check it out. There are charts for ambient temp vs pressures of the systems. If you are that low you deff have a leak or a failure somewhere unless its...
  5. Bigkevschopshop

    Which one do i want?

    Yeah, the reprogram may be a concern, but I have seen someone take a chevy in 10 times for the voltage going down while driving thinking something was wrong. So the battery service checks are normally related to that, but yeah I would be picky, its your money, spend it wisely.
  6. Bigkevschopshop

    Which one do i want?

    3.42 gear ratio is correct... 3.55 was wrong, I was quoting one of my other vehicles rear gear... I have 3.27, 2.92, 3.42, 3.55, 3.90, 3.89 here at the house... Sometimes I forget. Fixed my orig post. Thanks.
  7. Bigkevschopshop

    If you won the lottery and you could have any truck, what would you choose?

    Hell, Id send my Burb to Extensive and get a full frame under it laying body.
  8. Bigkevschopshop

    First thoughts on the 2023 Escalade.

    Ill be interested to see the 24 refresh myself... I can imagine a road trip with supercruise. That would be a game changer I think for sure.
  9. Bigkevschopshop

    First thoughts on the 2023 Escalade.

    I'm kinda stuck in the Black on Black.... Was a 600
  10. Bigkevschopshop

    First thoughts on the 2023 Escalade.

    So I have been looking at numerous k2 Escalades... I finally decided to drive a brand new one. Below is a list of the likes and dislikes that may help others in decision making. I like to shed some light to others thinking of making jumps to different years or body style. Likes, Seats are...
  11. Bigkevschopshop

    Found My Way Back

    Welcome back from Texas, Looks like a pretty clean 07....
  12. Bigkevschopshop

    payload on 2023 suburban diesel premier trim?

    So a 5.3 2wd is rated to tow more than the 3.0 and 6.2 in max trailering package.... WTF...
  13. Bigkevschopshop

    Test drove an 17 Escalade

    Well that is good to know... This one didnt shutter but 1 to 2 was real weird, like it pulls back then bump into gear. Kinda like teaching someone to drive a manual and they came out on clutch too fast for 2nd.
  14. Bigkevschopshop

    Test drove an 17 Escalade

    I have automotive ADD....
  15. Bigkevschopshop

    Test drove an 17 Escalade

    So I test drove a 17 Esky to see how bad the differences were vs the 6 and the 10... I have driven a few 10s, and Ive only owned 6 speeds. So I was like Ill give it a try.... I will say one thing positive about the 8, the gear split seems right to keep the motor in power band under hard...
  16. Bigkevschopshop

    Ready to buy this week, but i need your help **escalade **

    I agree with Spy... the 18s are the ones to get if you have the ability to do such. I can say early 15s had the 6 speed still, and thats a decent piece but the MRC updates on the 18 is where its at.
  17. Bigkevschopshop

    Post what y'all tow with your Tahoes, Yukons, and Suburbans!

    More hotrods and classics than normal folks I guess. This is the light end of the spectrum... 3800 lbs, few months ago it was a Scout 2 that weighed combined 5500 with trailer. Trailer brakes are key to anything heavier than 4k lbs. And I am lowered....
  18. Bigkevschopshop

    Transmission service, changing bypass thermal valve, part numbers?

    Just pop yours out and do this to it, the updated ones are not much different than the stock ones. This kit is pretty easy to install and keeps mine at 150 deg year round.
  19. Bigkevschopshop

    Current projects...

    Well I guess its time for some updates. Still have the Banger Coupe... Then took the 56 apart, 1.5" lower on the front, wheel and tire change and paint and body worked it in the garage to where its at right now. Not perfect but a better look all around I think. It is the lowest Dodge C...
  20. Bigkevschopshop

    From A NNBS to a NBS to a K2 comparison in driving and quirks

    I am not a white fan in vehicles but I have liked your Esky since you got it. Starla does look good. Ill have to remember the slide the finger on the radio and other controls next time I am looking. And yes on the mirrors they are a huge improvement vs the other siblings. I am 99 % sure I am...
  21. Bigkevschopshop

    From A NNBS to a NBS to a K2 comparison in driving and quirks

    I can vouch for that, the big difference I found was quarter panels, I pushed on one when washing it and it moved and I was like whoaaaaa. I know the hood and hatch are aluminum from what I read. I can say the weight of the suburban on the k2 is lighter than the NNBS by a small amount. A few...
  22. Bigkevschopshop

    Show off your 2015-2020 lowered tahoes and yukons

    Got some new wheels, cant complain...
  23. Bigkevschopshop

    From A NNBS to a NBS to a K2 comparison in driving and quirks

    So, long term review now... Turning 90K miles this weekend. Interior is still like it was when I bought it. Drivers seat bottom is wearing down and cracking a bit, going to replace that soon. Had t replace the console lid cause it started doing the nutsac look. Extended warranty paid off...
  24. Bigkevschopshop

    Yukon Diesel + Maximum Tow Package - Anyone??

    Yeah, I hated those brake controllers sticking down under the dash. Few years ago I stumbled upon Redarc integrated and was a great option to only have a dial installed somewhere accessible rather than the huge box under the dash looking like shit. I do agree tough basis to pass up a vehicle...
  25. Bigkevschopshop

    2017 Suburban, MPG When Towing?

    Factory tow package here with 3.42 gears 12-14 is my normal loaded Mpg. empty trailer 18 MPG. Lock it in 5th gear and let her eat. I towed a Scout 2 up to dallas a few months ago and 13.2 mpg average on the way there. I think for your first part of the trip coming out of CO and through the...

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