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  1. adventurenali92

    05 Denali Driver's Seat issues

    Grab yourself a techII scan tool. You will be able to see just about everything communicating electronically in the truck, on the techII. A lot better than just sorta parts cannoning stuff and hoping it solves the issues.
  2. adventurenali92

    05 Denali Driver's Seat issues

    I misunderstood your post. The way it read sounded like it didn’t actually have heated seats. That’s why I was confused. My bad.
  3. adventurenali92

    05 Denali Driver's Seat issues

    Wait you have a 2005 Yukon XL Denali and your front seats aren’t heated?! That’s fishy….. every GMT800 Denali package truck and Yukon I’ve ever seen anywhere has 12 way power adjustable heated front seats……
  4. adventurenali92

    New state , new truck , who dis

    I like the wrapped chrome! Looks great! Lighting is on point!
  5. adventurenali92

    What to Buy? Tahoe vs Yukon Denali

    Welcome from another GMT800 Denali owner. I looked at several models across the platform and I’ll still take my 6.0 over a 5.3 Tahoe or 5.3 Yukon any day. The 5.3 is a solid engine. Good option. But the 6.0 is a crazy fun motor, easy to work on, for maintenance, repairs and upgrades as well...
  6. adventurenali92

    New for '03-06 Clusters

    Need to get my hands on these once I have all the solder joints with my LED backlighting fixed up so it stops flickering everywhere lol.
  7. adventurenali92

    On-Star costs

    It’s very simple. I believe on the 21 and newer models carplay and andriod auto are wireless functions. On the 2018-2020 models you need your phone cord plugged into the usb outlet in the center area forward of the cup holders. You pull up the CarPlay/android auto screen from the main menu...
  8. adventurenali92

    RENAMED!! The adventures of Chase and his 2006 Yukon XL Denali!! Follow along on my travels!

    Rex shredding our tallest and steepest run called Geronimo. And Rex attacking my friend Lucky. lol. Real terrifying as you can see lol
  9. adventurenali92

    RENAMED!! The adventures of Chase and his 2006 Yukon XL Denali!! Follow along on my travels!

    Adulting?! Nah I think I’ll return that and be goofy 16 year old me for a bit…. Last day on snow at bear mountain today for the 22-23 season. Snow summit is staying open til the 30th provided snow holds and guests keep booking. But it was near 70 Saturday and Sunday last weekend. 50s all this...
  10. adventurenali92

    Suspension Help

    Sorry for the lateness of my reply. Just now seeing that I was tagged after finishing giving my rig an oil change. @1xd5 Looking at the photo of that red Denali xl that you posted beside your truck and reading the thread that you linked, it appears that the owner of that truck didn’t just swap...
  11. adventurenali92

    Which transfer case do I have in my 2003 Yukon Denali XL?

    If he has a 2003 xl Denali I’m guessing it’s an AWD, and he won’t have any buttons on the dash for transfer case.
  12. adventurenali92

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    It’s just ok in my opinion. I’ve found it works good for light spider webbing and scratches but anything deeper and it’s not the best on.
  13. adventurenali92

    Fosscore's 2013 Suburban LTZ Build Thread

    She’s lookin good! Which wheels are you considering?
  14. adventurenali92

    What did you do to your NBS GMT800 Tahoe/Yukon Today?

    Your porter cable and pads will work great. Check out P&S detail products by renny doyle. A little pricey but with every penny. He’s got a couple polish products I always have on hand for detail work. Run the smaller 5 inch pads on your rooter cable for the area up on the roof in-between the...
  15. adventurenali92

    2003 z71 tahoe

    Truck has come along nicely! You’ve done a ton of work too! Really impressive! You won’t be disappointed in the Michelin defenders! I’ve had them on just a little over a year now and they’re fantastic! Rear hatch glass looks good too! The 05/06 style just looks better in my opinion! Glad you...
  16. adventurenali92

    Windshield Chipping 2021 Yukon

    Because it doesn’t bond to glass. It also blocks the sensors in the glass that pick up moisture and run the automatic wipers and then they wouldn’t function correctly. Have a ceramic coating installed by a professional detailer. They make specific ceramic coatings for glass. I always recommend...
  17. adventurenali92

    Backup Camera

    I have mine mounted there as well. It’s perfect for lining up the hitch to a trailer.
  18. adventurenali92

    How quickly did you switch out the OEM tires?

    Michelin defenders are by far the best tires for these rigs! Solid choice!
  19. adventurenali92

    Fosscore's 2013 Suburban LTZ Build Thread

    Found a screw in one of my tires last week when I had them rotated last minute before my Utah trip. He didn’t have a patch and it wasn’t leaking so i ran it up to Utah, took it into the tire center next morning and they couldn’t find a screw or a leak. Lol. Always nice when it’s an easy tire fix.
  20. adventurenali92

    How quickly did you switch out the OEM tires?

    Get the Michelin tires, ditch the Bridgestones and you won’t look back. The Bridgestones are hands down the worst tire I’ve ever experienced. My 2006 had a new set of them when I bought it used from a GMC dealer in 2015. The Bridgestones aren’t worth what the dealer charges for them and I...
  21. adventurenali92

    07Burb’s 09 Deathscalade Non-Build

    Well that escalated quickly…. Lol
  22. adventurenali92

    13 Denali awd

    Nice looking truck!
  23. adventurenali92

    RENAMED!! The adventures of Chase and his 2006 Yukon XL Denali!! Follow along on my travels!

    Always think it’s funny when it snows and my truck is out side and the third tail light is always clear of snow even before starting the truck lol Edit: excuse the dirty mess of the truck. He saw three straight weeks of snow and rain, including while I was up in Utah and rain almost the entire...
  24. adventurenali92

    When does the '24 refresh debut..?

    Looks like that column mounted shifter though will be a click style shifter like what Mercedes Benz has been running for years, rather than the column shifter dropping down out of park into each gear that has a spot on the column like in the past. Interesting choice on GMs part of that’s the case.
  25. adventurenali92

    My 3 Girls

    Y’all got some nice fleets of GMs! Still working on my fleet haha.

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