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  1. K2 Kaiju

    Tapping into Fuse Box for Portable Head Unit/Dashcam Combo. Best Fuse to Use?

    You can make the fuses keyed power only by moving the top pink 50 amp fuse to the alternate position. i believe it is in the manual.
  2. K2 Kaiju

    Bricked Tahoe after Software Update

    This could be the security system of the truck coming alive when you locked it fighting with the in-progress update causing a major conflict. GM really tried to crack down on the ECM swaps that thieves were using to steal the last generation, and this may be an unavoidable consequence. HAL: "Im...
  3. K2 Kaiju

    So now GM is going to start charging us for software updates??

    Microsoft Money sunset edition is excellent for my needs, and its free as well. The more shit they put in these trucks, the less I wanna "upgrade" to a new model. I think music streaming/AA was about the final upgrade I had to have electronic wise; it seems everything else now is just excess...
  4. K2 Kaiju

    Hellwig Sway Bars

    LOL! Tight without rolls...
  5. K2 Kaiju

    USB-C Upgrade?

    To follow up, the port behind the screen is data compatible (Looks like all of them in front are). Got the motorola adapter hooked up and im now wireless and invisible...
  6. K2 Kaiju

    Hellwig Sway Bars

    Oh man. After seeing this post, I looked at my install and the bar was turnt up. Even with a small level kit the links need to be modified. Cutting one spacer in half (duralast golds) was the solution - that small difference is remarkable in making almost zero body roll. I like my burbans like I...
  7. K2 Kaiju

    Hellwig Sway Bars

    And the Duralast have lifetime replacement which includes bushings...
  8. K2 Kaiju

    When does the '24 refresh debut..?

    The 2.7L looks good for a Canyon/Colorado, although I imagine aftermarket exhausts will try to REDUCE sound since 4 banger trucks aren't music to the ears. Maybe get a burble tune :D
  9. K2 Kaiju

    2015 LT Memory Seat Issue

    I remember this in my LTZ Avalanche, but I have to hit memory button on the LT burb - gotta be a higher trim thing. Check your vehicle settings to see if its an option...
  10. K2 Kaiju

    USB-C Upgrade?

    So can you use the usb behind the screen for this adapter?
  11. K2 Kaiju

    Woodgrain Trim Options.

    Not a fan. The silver z-71 factory trim looks better.
  12. K2 Kaiju

    Escalade Mirror Upgrade Question

    Just to be clear, you replaced the driver AND passenger window switches, correct? The driver added the fold button, while the passenger synchs with the driver side for memory. It made no sense to me, but you had to buy a new passenger window control to make them work correctly. I recall someone...
  13. K2 Kaiju

    Which one do i want?

    FYI - you are required to use premium gas with the 6.2L for that extra 65 hp. You can determine if its worth it over the long run. The space behind 3rd row is tiny on short body, but if you rarely use last row, you will be fine...
  14. K2 Kaiju

    Which one do i want?

  15. K2 Kaiju

    2010 Z71 Nav radio w/BT in a 2008 Z71 with Nav (no BT)

    Bluetooth is in the onstar system, so you really cant just swap head units. You may check crutchfield for an adapter for the 08...
  16. K2 Kaiju

    2017 Yukon mirror replacement...darn and tricks

    No Escalade mirror upgrade? At least you know how to do it now...
  17. K2 Kaiju

    New vehicle recommendations

    Diesels also don't like short trips. Another thing - the current Yukon/Tahoe has more cargo space than the 2015-20 Yukon XL/Suburban since they stretched it quite a bit...
  18. K2 Kaiju

    I added mirrors to my 2018 Tahoe how do I program them for full Function ?

    Gotta change out passenger window switch for that side to fold, and to gain memory function; turn signals and puddle lights need a harness; blind spot requires a radar system.
  19. K2 Kaiju

    Rear suspension sits low

    Wow thats no bueno. I dont consider this rock crawling - just a trail with some rocks on it. It really looks like they went out of their way to hit those rocks like that too. Sand may be a real issue it seems...
  20. K2 Kaiju

    USB-C Upgrade?

    Is there any advantage to this vs. just using the stock USB ports with an A to C cable? I have been using them for years without any issues...
  21. K2 Kaiju

    Rear lift springs???

    Somehow these springs are beating inflation - now 10 bucks cheaper than they were when this was posted a year and a half ago. Getting a set now to replace the spacers...
  22. K2 Kaiju

    Sprint booster detectable

    Its like a Glock trigger vs an LCP. I have a tune with max increased throttle response. It greatly improves drivability as it allows a more smooth controlled response vs lots of nothing then sudden downshifting. I pulled the tune to take it in for a TSB, and the stock throttle mapping is...
  23. K2 Kaiju

    Black Rims on 19 Tahoe

    Ive had some bad luck with aftermarket rims in the past, so I went with some 'skins' for my 18" stockers (we called them hubcaps back in the day). Still get soft 18" ride with the black gloss. Had em for 3 years now without issue...
  24. K2 Kaiju

    Tahoe vs Yukon pricing and predicted reliability

    It appears you may have a T2 (2021+), but for the K2s (15-20) the esky mirrors are much larger with plug n play function. Just the visibility alone is worth the upgrade...
  25. K2 Kaiju

    Do you get what you pay for in Tires

    After 3 days of driving on solid ice, I will again say the conti hfs are amazing for a mild tread tire. Best bang for the buck and super sipey. On the worst day, I was the only one in my dept to make it in...

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