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  1. Eusibius2

    Another one on the Wireless Charger

    It can vary... 1500 milliamps is "ok", 2500 milliamps is closer to today's consideration of Fast Charge. If you're in the mid hundreds, it's slow.
  2. Eusibius2

    Another one on the Wireless Charger

    Try an app like Ampere while it's charging on the wireless. The app will tell you how many amps are currently flowing and which direction (charging or discharging).
  3. Eusibius2

    A new issue, window problem

    Yup, the vents /deflectors at the top of the doors. I have them, and once in a while a window will get jambed up by it and will roll all the way down automatically. Mine are inserts into the window track, so it does take a little space in the track at the top. Hasn't been a problem YET, but I...
  4. Eusibius2

    A new issue, window problem

    Do you have window vents?
  5. Eusibius2

    Another one on the Wireless Charger

    2022 Z71 6.2L.... Google Pixel 7pro Occasionally will have issues with charging, but usually bc my phone is hot. Manual says that phone won't charge if the Temps are too high or some other condition isn't just right. For the most part, no problems fast charging though and my OTAs are up to...
  6. Eusibius2

    When to wax new vehicle?

    Anyone use Tech Shine? Thoughts or reviews are welcome.
  7. Eusibius2

    Hands Free Liftgate logo is blurred/distorted

    Can it be removed and sealed? I'm thinking something like Flex Seal around any of the joints.
  8. Eusibius2

    Software Update

    Same here... Might be luck of the draw? Mine was built Jan 2022, 2022 Z71 w/ 6.2L.
  9. Eusibius2

    What did you do to your 21+ T1XX today?

    Wait..... So you're making your own?!? That's fantastic, these look great. Kudos to you, as you even get to pick your own specific colors.
  10. Eusibius2

    Bricked Tahoe after Software Update

    Here's a list of what I've installed OTA, from the Chevy app. Hopefully none of these are creating this problem but would be great to know what is..
  11. Eusibius2

    Bricked Tahoe after Software Update

    I'm in the same situation as @Morbo . Maybe I'm just lucky, but haven't had any issues yet. What was the update #?
  12. Eusibius2

    So, anybody willing and trying to figure out the heated steering wheel

    BTW, once called my dealer to get it ached, it only was a 2 day wait for them to get the parts on hand. I didn't have to wait long, and the service was done in an hour or so.
  13. Eusibius2

    So, anybody willing and trying to figure out the heated steering wheel

    I agree with this. We looked for a long time. I think we put our deposit at 2 dealers beginning Aug 2021, and got our truck Feb 2022. Finally got the steering wheel April 2023. It's a 2022 Z71 6.2L. It's been a journey. Patience wins here, unfortunately. Good luck.
  14. Eusibius2

    General Motors announces they are DROPPING Apple CarPlay:

    "General Motors is to phase out the use of Apple CarPlay and its arch rival, Android Auto, from its cars. Existing vehicles will obviously retain the tech, but new electric models will switch to an integrated infotainment system developed with Google. That’s according to Reuters, which says the...
  15. Eusibius2

    2023 At4 Yukon coming from 2020 ford explorerr

    I love my Z71 6.2L. Definitely not a snail, but it's a heavy truck nonetheless, so it'll never be a rocket. I've got 11k miles on it, and have only had very minor problems - nothing to turn me away. Most of the bad you're hearing is in the minority of all these models. Just my 2c. I test drove...
  16. Eusibius2

    2023 Tahoe/Squealing at low speeds

    Me too...
  17. Eusibius2

    2023 Tahoe/Squealing at low speeds

    I just saw this thread and a part of me just died. I have a 2022 Z71 6.2L....
  18. Eusibius2

    Cylinder deactivation for the 2021-2023's?

    I've have my windows down almost every chance I get. Never heard any squealing. Winter months they're up though. Weather was unusually nice last week, and windows were down.
  19. Eusibius2

    Steering Wheel

    I had an 04 Tahoe before, and changed to a 2022 Z71 6.2L. The steering wheel was the least change I noticed, but even today think it's fine as is. Keep adjusting the seat and wheel position til you find the sweet spot and set the memory.
  20. Eusibius2

    2022's Heated steering wheel

    I got a brand new steering wheel entirely. They told me it took about 45 minutes to replace but I had other work done so can't confirm.
  21. Eusibius2

    Cylinder deactivation for the 2021-2023's?

    I'm beginning to think I'm ignorant or naive. I've got a 2022 6.2L and have never noticed any change in performance while driving around town or cruising at 65mph. All seems the same to me. 11k miles on the clock. I haven't made any changes yet though. Stock exhaust, air filter, etc... I've...
  22. Eusibius2

    OTA Update - N22-235945

    Oddly... I installed this update on wed 4/19 and then today was notified that the same OTA was available again. This time the "update list" doesn't really say anything at all, other then General Enhancement. Anyone else get something like this?
  23. Eusibius2

    On-Star costs

    How's that work? I'm paying $29.99/mo with no data. It's the safety and security package. I had data for a while, and it was an additional $15/mo to AT&T.
  24. Eusibius2

    K&N CAI

    Do you have stock exhaust, or did you upgrade the exhaust as well? My take is that CAI is worth it when the amount of air exhausted is in proportion to the air intake. If you increase the intake with CAI, then the exhaust should also be improved with greater air flow (larger diameter pipes...
  25. Eusibius2

    How to keep the radio on?

    Which button is that exactly? The one on the roof liner by the sunroof?

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