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  1. Blackcar

    2017 Chevy Tahoe Premier 4x4 Trans service, rebuild, Dex VI fluid, MagRide
  2. Blackcar

    Having major trouble with a dealer. Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

    This is just software problem? Have them put battery in under warranty and get vehicle to another dealer.
  3. Blackcar

    2017 Tahoe - AC went out, suggestions for what shop? (dealer or independent)

    Here is TSB that was mentioned at beginning of tread.
  4. Blackcar

    Having major trouble with a dealer. Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

    That doesn't make any sense you have a vehicle you can be repair because of repair parts in parts department has and other vehicles that they are overnighted parts, and other vehicle may be week before part come in so since first vehicle came in first dealer is waiting for a week for part and...
  5. Blackcar

    Having major trouble with a dealer. Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

    At the dealership I use service writer is in direct contact with tech that is working on customers vehicle they work in a team. And no, they don't work first come first serve maybe oil changes. Different techs work on certain repairs. So first come first serve would be very inefficient.
  6. Blackcar

    Is This Tire Wear Normal?

    Do you drive with switch on Auto high on transfer case setting.
  7. Blackcar

    Frame wax coating

    I like to use rust converter may companies have (Eastwood, POR 15 ,ect.) then spray wax film Sprayon LU710.
  8. Blackcar

    I’m weary….

    Who put your Jasper engine in.They should have replaced water pump?
  9. Blackcar

    Where to get GM WA-130h touchup paint (Silver Gray Metallic) ?

    Try this link. If you gave the dealer parts person your VIN and they gave you the wrong color, I'd see parts manager and get my money back.
  10. Blackcar

    2022 6.2L Yukon Spun Crankshaft Bearing

    Yah that's what I found when searching the part number for engine.
  11. Blackcar

    Are You Brand Loyal?

    Yes 1941 Business Coupe 1957 BelAir Conv 1967 Chevelle SS 1969 Chevelle SS 1963 Impala HT 1970 Impala HT 1974 Monte Carlo 1975 Corvette 1978 Caprice HT 1977 Silverado Pickup 1980 Jimmy 1984 Blazer 1985 Blazer K5 1990 Lumina Euro 1992 Oldsmobile 88 1996 Corvette Collector's Edition 1996 Trans Am...
  12. Blackcar

    Color Code by Vin?

    You can also see if build tag is on glove box door if not the option SWATHDIVER recommended.
  13. Blackcar

    Chevy or weathertech seat and cargo liners?

    My vote are the Husky I purchased Weather tec and son purchased Husky which are way better than my weather tec which leak at button that snaps into carpet.
  14. Blackcar

    2015 Tahoe Outer Rocker Panels

    That reference my vehicle in the year for some reason. It looks like they aren't stamping repops yet. I haven't seen a picture of what you trying to do but if you went to auto recycler, they could probably cut out what you need. At a lot less cost to you. There is probably lots wrecked 15s that...
  15. Blackcar

    2015 Tahoe Outer Rocker Panels

    Her are some other options but I don't know who makes stampings. Do you have picture of what you're repairing.[cylinders]=8&vehicle[liter]=5%2E3&vehicle[submodel]=LT&vehicle[model]=Tahoe&vehicle[make]=Chevrolet&vehicle[year]=2001
  16. Blackcar

    2015 Tahoe Outer Rocker Panels

    Just look at the link for the rest of parts in index on site body parts.On the long and large parts take the part numbers to your closest dealer have them order and save on shipping. If you have a friend in automotive business, they can get a discount usually.
  17. Blackcar

    2015 Tahoe Outer Rocker Panels

    Probably a lot of flood vehicles out there.
  18. Blackcar

    21 Yukon Denali - How do you prevent the radio/XM from turning on automatically??

    Have you tried to program you seat. mirrors, etc with radio off when you press set button for fob you carry,
  19. Blackcar

    2015 Tahoe Outer Rocker Panels

    Part #1 is outside rocker.
  20. Blackcar

    2015 Tahoe Outer Rocker Panels

    Try this link.
  21. Blackcar

    Would a Cadillac alignment be better than a Chevrolet or GMC

    The labor rates at these dealers is high I imagine they are all payed well. If not why would labor rate be what it is.
  22. Blackcar

    Would a Cadillac alignment be better than a Chevrolet or GMC

    In our area the Cadillac dealer also have Chevrolet franchise in house also. I would say they have same alignment tech do both brands.
  23. Blackcar

    Are Yukon condensors an issue?

    There is TSB on 15 to 17s I suppose it would depend on when 18 was produced.
  24. Blackcar

    Color code for interior (Bose) pillar color?

    In link shows the colors they had and if you look in glove box build ID match build codes to part.
  25. Blackcar

    Pricing vs MSRP

    Dealers in our area are advertising MSRP price then a lower at their discount. Things seem to be going back to normal. Just hoping that repair and parts get back to normal for owners of new vehicle to get their warranty repairs done in timely manner.

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