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  1. iLikeEggs

    SSV= Super Sexy Vehicle

    Ran my 2011 through the car wash and put on the window flag for today. As I was leaving a parking lot, a blond in another SUV pulling in smiles at me and gave me a thumbs up. Yeah, the Tahoe's still got it. Hard to see in the pics but there a ham antenna on the fender and a stubby GMRS on...
  2. iLikeEggs

    VENTING!!! Rip-off Labor rates!

    This is absolutely true. Back when I ran big box auto centers (Sears, Montgomery wards), it was more of a liability issue. Though, sometimes exceptions were made in the name of customer service.
  3. iLikeEggs

    Engine Hot/AC Turned Off message

    Most coolant temp sensors come with a connector and pigtail. It's a good idea to replace the old one as the wires break close to the connector and it's hard to see sometimes. If you're over 100k I would replace the connector.
  4. iLikeEggs


    On mine, the wire ran down through the pillar. You may be able to snake it out. Pull off the pillar cover.
  5. iLikeEggs

    2011 PPV Flash to Pass

    I had a problem with my high beams staying on constantly, even with the igition off. I replaced the stalk but no change. It turned out to be the round headlight switch next to the 4wd selector. Replaced it and back to normal.
  6. iLikeEggs

    2007-2014 Tahoe Picture Thread

    When I got it it had the standard cop black steel wheels. I found a set of regular Tahoe rims on Craigslist that were almost brand new for cheap.
  7. iLikeEggs

    My 2010 PPV

    Wow, looks great!!!!!
  8. iLikeEggs

    Help with front brakes!

    I got the slotted / vented front rotors from rockauto. For pads I use Duralast ceramic from autozone or napas ceramic. Stops great.
  9. iLikeEggs

    Engine Hot/AC Turned Off message

    Update.... Still running strong with no problems. That fuse pull did the trick and only had to be done the one time.
  10. iLikeEggs

    Well i found the source of my coolant leak (big crack)

    I had close to 200k on mine before it started I can't complain, and this was after 119k miles of police duty. I replaced it with a Cold Case aluminum. Smooth, direct fit. Only problem was that the renewed pressure from the new radiator brought out leaks from the overflow tank and a...
  11. iLikeEggs

    2007-2014 Tahoe Picture Thread

    2011 SSV. Trip to Home Depot last weeks storm.
  12. iLikeEggs

    Can I replace PPV suspension parts to make it ride smoother?

    That's what I run on mine, but I got them in load range E. The Goodyear Eagles that came on it were also Load range E. I rather like them and run them at 60psi. If the OP just goes with the standard load range tire his ride will be much better. Personally, I love the suspension set up. It...
  13. iLikeEggs

    Engine Hot/AC Turned Off message

    I have a restrictor (45acp shell casing). I took it out to diagnose another problem which turned out to be a small crack in the overflow tank and also a bad heater hose. Eventually I'll get around to putting it back in.
  14. iLikeEggs

    Voltage dropping after driving

    If you test it when it drops it should be at 12.5v. It's by design and perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about. When it needs more juice it goes up to 14.7v.
  15. iLikeEggs

    Engine Hot/AC Turned Off message

    I was driving along on our first cold snap, 21 degrees out. I have the Cold Case aluminum radiator in so it takes longer to get up to operating temp and always runs a bit cooler on the guage. So then I get this message in the DIC. Interesting. Then the both fans start screaming and won't...
  16. iLikeEggs

    What did you do to your NNBS SSV/PPV today?

    Not the individual switches. When I got the truck there were dummy switches in the rear doors. I simply put new ones in. The master panel can be disassembled for switch replacement. If the entire master switch panel is replaced I belive programming is needed.
  17. iLikeEggs

    Any amateur radio operators here?

    I would power the radio directly from the battery. Its easy enough to snake through somewhere on the firewall. Just run your fuse in line. Sweet set up though!
  18. iLikeEggs

    What did you do to your NNBS SSV/PPV today?

    Welp. Tried it today and the window switch worked fine. In fact, I played with it all day without fail. Oh well. New switch is still on the way so I will just keep it in the glove box for the next window switch emergency. I like crap that fixes itself.
  19. iLikeEggs

    What did you do to your NNBS SSV/PPV today?

    Tried to roll down my passenger wimdow from the master panel but zilch. Checked the passenger door switch and it worked fine. So bad switch on the master panel. Found the GM part number and found one brand new on ebay for 2.99. The guy has a high number of sales with 100% feedback so...
  20. iLikeEggs

    What did you do to your NNBS SSV/PPV today?

    Just a follow up on my running hot situation. Pressure tested it and found a leak in the heater hose. Almost 200k so sure, replaced both. Still running hot. Pulled out the restrictor since it had no effect. Replaced the thermostat and coolant reservoir cap. I noticed that when the engine...
  21. iLikeEggs

    What did you do to your NNBS SSV/PPV today?

    About 210, or where the needle sits in the middle of the temp gauge is where it should be. That's where it sat for 197k before my radiator swap, waterpump and thermostat replacement. Now it's slightly to the right or center and both fans are screaming.
  22. iLikeEggs

    What did you do to your NNBS SSV/PPV today?

    I had a 45acp casing laying around so I popped out the primer and stuck it in the return hose. Still no difference. After about 5 miles of driving the fans start screaming and the temp starts heading towards 215-ish. Hoses still get hard. New 186 degree thermostat. Could it be air still...
  23. iLikeEggs

    What did you do to your NNBS SSV/PPV today?

    Ok, question.... I had a local shop put it in along with a new water pump and thermostat. It was a perfect fit. However, now the temperature shoots up to about 215 and the secondary fan runs like crazy. Top and bottom hoses felt hard so I figured it could have been a bad thermostat out of...

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