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    Gas vs Diesel fuel price

    I have 21k on my Suburban, at most I have used 4 boxes from Costco (~$15 each), plus two pump fills (~$12 each). That's $84. Round up to $100, that's 0.005c/mile. Pretending I remembered incorrectly, let's say 8 boxes, $150 total, that's 0.007c/mile. My lifetime MPG is ~24+. So for every...
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    Bay City MI to Calhoun GA on one tank of diesel

    I have to agree, I thought the 5.3 was fine but the diesel just is so much better. I also agree completely with your earlier post - the diesel should be the default engine. It is just so good with this vehicle lineup. As far as saving money, at 68k for this, saving a few bucks is secondary...
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    Bay City MI to Calhoun GA on one tank of diesel

    In my area (Seattle), diesel is now ~5, and regular 4.7, so yeh, much easier to make up that cost difference fast.
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    Bay City MI to Calhoun GA on one tank of diesel

    I came across this recently, for some odd reason: Good analysis of the bottom line. It is better, even with increased fuel costs, but does take some miles to make up for the up front costs. I don't tow, but from what I have heard, the 3.0 diesel is great at it. The low end torque makes this...
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    A bolt hit my 2023 Tahoe hood - fixed!

    Im thinking of this for my black Suburban. Anyone have an idea/pic how it would look black on black? thanks
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    General Motors announces they are DROPPING Apple CarPlay:

    accroding to reports, the ha I agree they were stupid examples, but I think the overall point was that it may make sense in some ways
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    General Motors announces they are DROPPING Apple CarPlay:

    yeah, old news (sorta). Initially i was like waaaaaaa? I use it al the time and like it a lot for integration of mapping, music, etc. I guess what I like most about it is I can do stuff on my phone before leaving the house (e.g. map search) and it will be ready for when i am in the car. It is...
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    Bay City MI to Calhoun GA on one tank of diesel

    yeah i think that's the Tahoe capacity too.
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    Is it worth jumping to a 23 Ultimate Denali from 21 Denali?

    for that amount, you could probably hire a part-time driver for the year!
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    2023 Yukon 3.0 Duramax Denali XL Order Timeline

    Not sure if it is helpful, but I have ordered two cars from Chevy/GMC Bellevue. The 2022 Suburban was a Lemon replacement, so probably not helpful (it was accepted obviously within a week or so). However, I ordered a Bolt EUV last November, and it was accepted in 3 days, built within a month or...
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    DEF tank capacity = 5.4 gal

    5.4 gal Didn't see this anywhere in a forum search, so thought I'd put it here. Filled up at a truck stop yesterday (you have to prepay), and way overestimated how much I needed. With 3 bars left on the gauge, it took about <3 gal to fill to overflow....
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    Chip Retrofit Lawsuit?

    I got the vehicle end of last April. Heated seats went in in December, heated steering wheel 3 weeks ago. Still waiting on the parking sensors. I'm slightly annoyed, but I did get $125 worth of "points" (for a late heated steering wheel) that I was able to use on a EUV. I do want those parking...
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    Bay City MI to Calhoun GA on one tank of diesel

    Gotcha. I recalled you had some sort of saga... After 4 trips in for the camera system, two sides of bad lifters, and the transmission failing (67 days in for service in 9 mo. - musta been built in a Friday).....I got them to rebuy/replace, and went with the diesel. Love it, engine feels...
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    Bay City MI to Calhoun GA on one tank of diesel

    Best road trip car ever. Fireman is this a replacement Suburban for you from a buyback?
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    First long road trip

    I took my first long road trip in the car last week. I have used it to go 350mi one way several times, but never an extended family trip. Car is 1 year old. Duramax LT Sig with max tow. Trip was Seattle > Oregon > Idaho > Utah > Las Vegas - Nevada > Idaho > Orgon> Seattle Overall 2650mi, got...
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    Def usage - seemed to drop really fast

    Yeah, it seems like my DEF usage is way higher than that all of a sudden. I also feel like I am not getting the MPG I was getting a few months back. I am wondering if it has anything to do with some ECM(?) update that some people have reported. I filled 2.5g a month or so ago, and had driven it...
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    Def usage - seemed to drop really fast

    So I was on a drive last night, some winter/mountain driving, 370mi one way, temps around/below 30 most of the time. Speed between 65-74. About 60 miles into the drive, I got a 995mi DEF warning. I had about 300 miles to go, thought it shouldn't be a problem. I checked, there were 3 bars left...
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    buying 23 suburban LS diesel maybe

    I had a 2021 LT sig 5.3, and lemon-traded for an equivalent 2022 diesel. Overall probably the best car I've ever owned. The 3.0 diesel is an awesome choice, quiet, not smelly at all, way more low-end torque. Just a great engine, IMO. Right now, combined, I am getting about 24.4mpg, but...
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    Where do you get your oil changed?

    yeah maybe DIY in the future, but for now, not gonna do it. Thanks for the input, I feel like the dealer is the best option right now. I'd consider an experienced garage, but I don't think it'd be any cheaper. Thanks!
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    Where do you get your oil changed?

    Just curious where people are getting the diesel oil changed? I’ve used the dealer 2x now, which is atypical for me (usually 30-50% more for standard oil changes there). But with the diesel, I feel like I’d rather use the dealer. I called Goodyear and Firestone. Goodyear had no idea “we’ve never...
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    Diesel Cap

    oh and when filling, it sets nicely inside the little cubby where the hinge fits into when the fuel door is closed.
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    GM Corporate Escalation?

    half full verses half empty... I understand where you are coming from, believe me. I had vehicle out of my hands, sitting at the dealer, for 60+ days in the first 11 months, ~28 in the first month of ownership. At many points, I just wanted MY vehicle in my hands. OTOH, I got a Tahoe rental...
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    STELLAR Fuel Milage

    that's good to know/makes sense. I've been keeping ours in 2WD.

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