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  1. Pro299

    Another one on the Wireless Charger

    I have a Samsung S21+ and it charges just fine in my 2021 even through the case.
  2. Pro299

    Swapped 22s for 20s and wow! Need help with PSI please

    Factory recommendation is 35.
  3. Pro299

    Headlights look dim on a new Yukon Denali

    Mine seems plenty bright when driving. Viewed from outside, not so much. I think there's just not much light "spillage" which I see as a good thing.
  4. Pro299

    Rear quarter panel body damage question..

    That's a panel replacement, but not totaled. Got sideswiped last month in the same spot. Panel and bumper cover job next week. $7K.
  5. Pro299

    New to me 2021 Yukon XL Denali

    Looks great, but I'm probably biased. Welcome to the forum.
  6. Pro299

    2023 Denali Ultimate Guide Climate Sync

    That's an interesting change and yes it would be an aggravation. Wife is always messing with the HVAC setting and when she gets out I use the buttons to put everything back to automatic. On the other hand the 2021 doesn't have a camera button.
  7. Pro299

    2023 Denali Ultimate Guide Climate Sync

    It's not on the driver temp control? I'm not in the vehicle now but pretty sure that's where mine is.
  8. Pro299

    Rear Media Help

    You will need an app. Not familiar with Google phones, but x-cast works on my Samsung. It took some patience to get the two to work together on mine. Once the app and the vvehicle "see" each other it works fine.
  9. Pro299

    Engine coolant level in surge tank ?

    Looks just like mine. I notice the full line under the hoses is at the seam, but can't tell if that's for cold or hot. I guess labelling it with a C or an H would have made it too easy for us.
  10. Pro299

    I think the dealership destroyed my engine

    In your case, I wouldn't point fingers or guess at what happened. Just let them replace the engine and get the warranty pushed out for your trouble. Not likely that they forgot to fill it. You'd have had a low oil warning and a low oil pressure warning at a minimum. Same for the filter...
  11. Pro299

    2021 Tahoe transmission issues

    Agreed. Does it also occur when in Drive or Reverse? In neutral there is nothing but the torque converter/input shaft turning, clutch bands are not engaged, so there's nothing moving inside the transmission to make a sporadic noise like that. I've heard similar knocks from loose torque...
  12. Pro299

    Oil consumption

    Interesting. I'm scheduled for an oil change this week after 5K mile interval. Level is barely off the full mark.
  13. Pro299

    Power Sliding Console Security

    Safe only works in the standard console. It's one of several reasons I limited ordering packages on my XL. I knew I wanted the safe and couldn't figure out any good use for a moving console that was less secure.
  14. Pro299

    Actual diesel consumption on 21 duramax Tahoe

    Last fillup was at 18712 miles. Total gallons 742. So 25.2 MPG overall. Usually 23.5 or so around local, mostly one or two onboard. Interstate depends on terrain. Lots of hills at 75 MPH plus, only about 26 MPG. Flatlands 28-29. I had one tank at 30.1 in south Georgia and north Florida...
  15. Pro299

    Poor Backup Camera

    Is it only the backup camera you think is bad? Front view? 360? My info screen is very clear and smooth. Only problem is when rain gets on a camera lens, but that's just physics.
  16. Pro299

    Use older IR headphones with new RSI?

    The GM phones on the 2021 are IR, although BT can also be used. Make sure nothing blocks the transmitter on the lower portion of the passenger side screen.
  17. Pro299

    Quad exhaust

    For looks, could probably be done but it won't change the sound much. No muffler on the 3.0. By the time the exhaust gets through the turbo, DPF, EGR system and the cat there's not much sound left.
  18. Pro299

    2021 Denali - Vehicle Knock, Stutters, Surges, Rough Acceleration - In Auto Mode, After Lifting Rods Replaced

    OK, now that we understand you were referring to the well known lifter repair (which in your case included at least one bent push rod), we have a real head scratcher. That repair is a "top of the engine" procedure and normally one would not expect that to have any impact on 2/4WD operation...
  19. Pro299

    2021 Tahoe Infotainment Keeps Dropping USB Music

    Haven't had that problem. I don't use the USB connections for music, but do use them for movies on the RSE screens. As for card slots, my Yukon only has one and it's only for vehicle functions like onboard maps, not music.
  20. Pro299

    Summit White or White Frost Tricoat

    That's a "salt to taste" decision. I like them both, but I went with solid white as I usually do. If bodywork is ever needed, it's just easier to match up. Metallics, pearls, metal flakes, frost, etc. are pretty and all, but are notoriously difficult for paint shops to match.
  21. Pro299

    illuminated running boards

    Well, this got me curious. Yesterday leaving fitness center, used fob to unlock. Lights came on. A few minutes later stopped to pick up takeout. Same sequence, no lights. Go figure.
  22. Pro299

    Heater Cord

    Yes, it should have come with a cord stashed somewhere. Who knows where the prior owner put it? You'll just have to check all the storage areas, nooks and crannies. It plugs in the front driver side behind a small removable panel trim piece in the bumper. Easy to find on the Denali, not sure...
  23. Pro299

    OTA Update on 2021 Yukon Denali seems to have bricked my truck

    Ran the OTA last night. First startup this morning was several seconds longer than usual and stumbled before smoothing out. Subsequent starts were a second or two longer than before, but seems to run OK.
  24. Pro299

    Ordering a Cargo Security Shade, drop-in fitment ?.. or

    Yeah, it's a 30 second drop in item. I've had mine in and out several times for various reasons. Haven't checked, but LWB vs. SWB may be one part number since mine i guess would work fine in a Yukon. It just wouldn't need to be extended as far, leaving some material in the rolled up portion.
  25. Pro299

    RSE Covers

    Or just search "screen protector" in the size you want. There are many to choose from that cost much less than that.

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