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    Mechanic Recommendations Needed : Wash DC area

    In Woodbridge VA, easy access to 95. Caton Hill Auto. Independent, family owned and established over 80 years. I lost my previous mechanic when I moved. Tried a few different shops and then ended up at Caton Hill. They are busy and sometimes it may take a bit to get an appointment but they...
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    Can my VIN be wrong???

    If you PM me the VIN, I can put it through Carfax and tell you what comes back. If you haven’t already gotten that info. Glad that the ECM, door sticker and windshield match. That’s a headache you don’t need.
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    Can my VIN be wrong???

    OP…… it very possible this is as claimed by others a revin, or clone. Good thieves will make minor alterations to a VIN so that it appears correct in the first 6 characters, keeps the check digit correct for year of vehicle, and has altered last 6 characters which may or may not correspond to...
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    Can my VIN be wrong???

    Don’t need a dealer
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    Can my VIN be wrong???

    Actually there is a spot in the computer where any OBD2 can show you the VIN stored on board electronically.
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    Vacation question: Anyone use a luggage hitch?

    I have used several different ones to haul scuba gear to Florida for cavern/cave diving. They all work depending on your preferred methods and need of water proofing. My biggest input would be weight limit. I have seen these carriers lined with scuba tanks which is a fair amount of weight...
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    P0300 random misfire

    I was having a similar issue in cold weather. Truck would start, run about 1 min then cough, sputter and throw codes for a few minutes and then smooth out. It was only cold start, and went away once engine warmed. For me I traced it to the intake manifold gaskets. Always got P0300, but had...
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    Switching to Z71 rear suspension

    I went from an 07 Tahoe LS to an 11 Z71 Tahoe. The stock height Z71 is only about 1.5 taller, and to me it makes the truck look better than an oversized station wagon. The previous owner did a level lift on the 11 so it probably sits 2.5-3 inches taller than a non Z71 stock Tahoe. I recently...
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    Stolen, recovered, not cluster issues.

    Good morning, To me the answer should come from what was damaged during the theft? Did they tear up the ignition, steering column, or any other electrical dependent system to take your truck. What was damaged under the truck in the process of cutting out the CATs because they didn’t care about...
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    Springs and sway bar two part question

    Just a quick follow up…….. thank you all for the great advice. Got both front and rear Hellwig sways, along with a Spohn adjustable Panhard. My lift isn’t much but it did displace the rear axle to the passenger side enough for me to notice. Everything is in and the first ride was...
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    Springs and sway bar two part question

    Thank you for the feedback. I’m researching now on both items
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    Springs and sway bar two part question

    Is it worth it to do both if I drive similar to your preferred style
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    Springs and sway bar two part question

    I put a front Hellwig on my 07 when the mount broke and was repaired, but I didn’t have the truck long after that. Never had a chance to evaluate it.
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    Springs and sway bar two part question

    I bought my 2011 Z71 in Jan of 21 with 153k on it. Ride was ok but felt tired. Rebuilt struts with 4600 bilstein and replaced tears with same. Ride is better, but still feels a little off. Part one question. With that many miles and unknown usage, is it reasonable to believe that the...
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    Auto Theft

    I used to pull the fuel pump fuse on a work car (Ford) because there were numerous extra keys around. Only challenge i ran into was sometimes the the starter kept turning like something was stuck. Possibility of burning up the starter? Kill switch would accomplish the same thing but be much...
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    Totaled '03 Z71, already bought another

    While I agree the loss of the old one is a bummer, I like the choice of white. It looks sharp and clean. Congrats on the good find
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    Whining noise from speakers with rpm

    I’ll take a stab……… does the amp power on with a remote wire from the head unit? If yes, this is why the whine goes away when head is off, but is still present when RCAs disconnected. The signal interference is at the amp. I’m not a huge audiophile, but my brother was. It will have something...
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    I have a tech2, how do I tell the BCM to stop hyperflashing my LED turn signals?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong……….. if you change out your standard turn bulbs for LEDS doesn’t that change the load, and result in the quicker flash rate? I remember this issue on my Harley. I needed a load balancer to make it run normal.
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    Bikes...What's You Got/Ride

    2019 Roadglide for me. Just turned 40k miles this week.
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    Spare tire troubles

    @ Fless……… LMAO. ‍♂️Rtfm
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    Spare tire troubles

    PB blaster is what I used to spray it down. Once it was free I removed the spare and soaked the entire safety mechanism in oil. FYI, with the spare out of the way one bolt and the entire spare tire assembly is off the truck. You may be able to find one at pick-a- part. I now drop my spare...
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    Spare tire troubles

    Absolutely. The safety catch is supposed to release when you push the rod into place. They get super corroded and freeze up. I used a ratchet strap to hold the spare tight to the frame, and loosened the cable. Sprayed the hell out of everything and waited. Tighten the cable up, remove the...
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    Can I use a VIN decoder to find the identity of a car?

    Did you ever get a suitable answer, or the information you needed for the vehicle?
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    Secondary Market for OEM tires

    I have bought several sets of “take off” tires from Craigslist for a great price. Even got a set with rims for under $600
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    04 tahoe - Any sway bars still available?

    Lol……… what kind of $$$$ is that going to require. Of course while it looks and sounds good, I haven’t heard of anyone with it?

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