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  1. rockola1971

    2006 GMC Yukon - whistling noise then low whirring sound on start up? (Video linked)

    Could be the needle bearings that are typically used in alternators at the rear getting loaded down as the voltage regulator calls for more voltage output and the field coils get more current which in turn causes a larger magnetic field to act upon.
  2. rockola1971

    2006 GMC Yukon - whistling noise then low whirring sound on start up? (Video linked)

    I saw the temp gauge and speedo numbers and then I knew it....Not a U.S. vehicle. Im not hearing any abnormal noises in the videos.
  3. rockola1971

    2005 Yukon XL Denali A/C issues… Help?

    Vent problems sound totally separate of the No A/C problem. The compressor clutch will not engage if the refrigerant pressure is below around 20psi. This is a safety feature to protect the compressor from spinning with no refrigerant/oill mixture in the system because of a leak. The low...
  4. rockola1971

    No brakes, just changed hydroboost gaskets/o rings

    Did you not take the space out of your old unit and put in the new unit? Someone here did that oopsie last year.
  5. rockola1971

    Add 4wd harness

    Holy piece together Batman! If i understood correctly you have 4L60E and a Tcase from a 2000 esky but im not quite sure what you are putting it into but here is the schematic for the 00 Tcase electrical control needs.
  6. rockola1971

    Pulling off the Perfect NP246 Transfer Case Rebuild

    From what it looks like to me in the video it appears the seal is not driven fully at the 2oclock to the 5oclock position of the seal outer diameter. It looks like the face of the seal in the video is not almost or at flush with the bore but it does on the other areas of the seal especially the...
  7. rockola1971

    Pulling off the Perfect NP246 Transfer Case Rebuild

    Brake parts cleaner will dissolve most paints. It appears in the video that the seal was not driven in fully to its seat.
  8. rockola1971

    Fuel Sender Unit Ohms

    More than likely the problem is your stepper motor in your instrument cluster.
  9. rockola1971

    04 Yukon XL Steering left issue.

    First thing I would do is inspect for bent tie rods? Someone hit a curb or a nasty pothole? Then I would check the idler and pitman arm for binding. The 1/2 ton GM truck chassis is notorious for eating up idler arms. Especially cheap chinese ones.
  10. rockola1971

    Possibly future 2003 Tahoe owner... not sure yet

    Here in the midwest a 2003 wasnt worth 8500 5yrs ago. I own not one but two 2003 tahoe LT's and there isnt any way I could get 4k out of each of them right now...but mine dont have just 175k on them either....then there is that salt thing here in the midwest.
  11. rockola1971

    05 Tahoe: 5.3 LM7 rebuild. simple upgrades?

    With engine out, now would be a good time to replace the oil coiler lines. Whats the history on the tranny?
  12. rockola1971

    Misfire on number 8

    Ive got a home made spark tester too. Its using the existing spark plug and wire and let the plug lay up against the head and crank away. Youll hear it snap.
  13. rockola1971

    2006 Z71 Tahoe heavy fuel smell

    Could be the fuel pump module Oring wasnt replaced during last fuel pump R&R or its just rotted out. Inspect for leaks in fuel system first then suspect the Oring or its metal retaining ring has rusted out. Both Oring and Retainer should be replaced when fuel pump is removed and replaced.
  14. rockola1971

    Possibly future 2003 Tahoe owner... not sure yet

    173k on a 5.3L? Engine is barely broken in. Keep up with oilo changes and that engine will go 300K+ no problem. Look through receipts. I suspect the fuel pump has been replaced and the tranny likely rebuilt in the last 50k. If it has then that is a huge plus. Look for receipt on transfer case...
  15. rockola1971

    2002 Yukon/Another knock sensor thread

    So both codes in initial post are bank 1 & 2 sensors. New harness so that eliminates that one. What else is common to both? The engine (knocking) and the PCM. Id check for active knock counts on engine running and maybe even under load. As far as the PCM id would pull connectors and inspect...
  16. rockola1971

    2002 Yukon/Another knock sensor thread

    How do you know they arent telling you the truth and you have knocks? How old are plugs and wires?
  17. rockola1971

    ABS Pump continuously running

    Very possible. I would have to see the internal logic of the module to be able to rule out that possibility. I dont believe Ive ever seen an internal schematic for one. Just a very basic block diagram.
  18. rockola1971

    ABS Pump continuously running

    The ABS pump is fed directly from a fuse. It is given a ground from the EBCM (Electronic Brake Control Module). I dont know if that ground switch is a internal relay or a transistor. It is quite possible that if a relay the contacts are welded together and giving a constant ground to the...
  19. rockola1971

    Metal on drain plug magnet

    Well that engine was severely abused. Obviously the previous owner didnt get the oil changed much at all. With minor shavings on plug that would be normal but BRO! You got CHUNKS. That aint normal at all. That means that engine is on its way off to go be with god. Maybe not this month, maybe...
  20. rockola1971

    Help Needed in verifying correct VIN in new ECU

    Take it back to the dealership and tell them they didnt fix anything.
  21. rockola1971

    So you are thinking about getting or already have a Tech II Clone or the real deal.......

    Watchu talkin about willis? It supports GM trucks and suv's(with truck chassis). All GM cars and trucks with ICE run on a 12v system unless of course you are getting into diesel truck land.
  22. rockola1971

    Coolant Tee Quick Questions

    Yup. My dormans have been on my Denali for about 6 years now or so. Its hit or miss on Dorman parts though for sure. I wouldnt waste my time using Dorman replacent vent motors.
  23. rockola1971

    Pulling off the Perfect NP246 Transfer Case Rebuild

    Yup a new clutch drum or to verify that you have warped drum. Even then a caliper when used to measure in the right places on a drum/basket will tell you everything you need to know.
  24. rockola1971

    Move Transfer Case encoder motor to 2wd???

    Tcase in neutral with tranny in a gear yields the same thing as the tranny in neutral. Neutral in Tcase is for being towed or because it is a requirement to go into neutral (Tcase) first BEFORE you can get into 4lo. This keeps geniuses from traveling 60MPH down the highway and slamming Tcase...
  25. rockola1971

    Pulling off the Perfect NP246 Transfer Case Rebuild

    Tcases are indeed stupid easy to rebuild. They arent anywhere near as involved as rebuilding a tranny or an engine. Definitely not rocket science especially with all the youtube videos available on how to.

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