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  1. tom3

    2023 Yukon Denali - Satellite Performance

    Our 2014, 17, and 19 machines didn't do this and we listen to SXM 99% of the time on the road. But I do notice when using the app on the phones that it will cut out a couple times on startup and after changing programs.
  2. tom3

    For Sale: Michelin Energy Saver A/S P265/65R18 112T Set Of 4 Tires

    Same tires on our Tahoe. Have 8/32 tread when new so those tires are very lightly worn I'd think.
  3. tom3

    2021 Yukon slips when accelerating.

    Not sure on the newer stuff but being just a bit low on trans. fluid can cause this on some transmissions, Mopar stuff for sure.
  4. tom3

    07 escalade AC smells like vinegar or musty

    Have read that running the AC on recirculate can cause this odor. Running with outside air helps.
  5. tom3

    Do Amplifiers Wear Out?

    One way to test that sound equipment is to just turn it up and listen closely. Distortion, buzzing on bass notes, occasional cracking or popping sounds are warnings. But about any auto sound system has it's own equalization for that particular vehicle. And auto electronics is built pretty hefty...
  6. tom3

    Real Life MPG 5.3 / 6.2

    Pardon the off topic, but do you like the new revised instrument cluster on the 2022?
  7. tom3

    2021+ GMC Yukon Pricing vs. 2019 Pre-pandemic deals w/ snapshots

    That's what we found back in 2019. Couldn't have afforded the Tahoe without the deal we got. Mainly our highway machine when we need the room. Now at 23K miles and still new for us.
  8. tom3

    On Patrol in my repaired 2014 Tahoe PPV

    That mileage is sure believable in Florida. Only hills are the bridges over waterways. And sure nice to find a PPV that nice for good money - and be able to do the major engine work. The inland area would be ideal for a rust free machine.
  9. tom3

    Real Life MPG 5.3 / 6.2

    That premium fuel only would be a deal killer for me. Have to really need that extra HP for towing to make that worthwhile unless money is just not important. Does seem like the 2021s and newer use more gas than the previous models.
  10. tom3

    Having major trouble with a dealer. Anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

    My brother had a deal similar to that, Jeep Cherokee transmission went completely out. (no surprise there) Had it towed to the local dealer, sat there for a couple weeks just drawing dust. He got tired of waiting for any movement, called the selling dealer 60 miles north, asked them if they'd...
  11. tom3

    Consumer reports rates 2022 Yukon 2/100 in Reliability

    Sort of like the new Blazer. Took a long road trip a couple months ago, saw a bunch of Teslas (they stand out some), not one Blazer and I was looking.
  12. tom3

    Ok so i have a huge dilemma......i need opinions from everyone!

    Maybe the real problem here might be that the VIN is all over these newer vehicles. At some point, for some reason, you get pulled over and the situation goes overboard and they start really checking. Those cops usually know or can find out where to look. Really have some 'splainin' to do...
  13. tom3

    Manuals; Haynes, Chilton, GM?

    Things have probably changed since I actually bought a non OEM service manual but the model specific Chiltons seemed to be pretty decent while the Haynes was, like you say, not real helpful for my actual machine. But these days you can find about anything on-line seems like. Youtube is pretty...
  14. tom3

    Can I change the battery on 2021 Tahoe?

    Well, according to my wife........
  15. tom3

    Can I change the battery on 2021 Tahoe?

    When I was looking for a battery for our 2019 most places noted profession installation required. I don't know what the reason is for that but with the OP's dead battery I'd think a standard swap out would work fine. Unusual for a battery to go completely dead though.
  16. tom3

    Moonroof exploded?

    Might be acoustic glass up there which is two layers. Can't tell from the pictures but kind of looks like there is still a layer of glass left?
  17. tom3

    Replacing dash speakers - use crossovers or no?

    Not really up on the latest Bose equipment, have to see a wiring diagram, but I'd guess the mids and highs would go to the dash speakers and the serious bass would be to a separate powered woofer in the back or under a seat somewhere. Early Bose systems had an amp at each speaker tuned to that...
  18. tom3

    Extended Warranty

    "Regardless, even the GMEPP is not a warranty, it’s a service contract…you pay consideration for the promise that the administrator makes covered repairs." I dunno. To me a service contract is for routine maintenance and parts. A warranty covers defects and failures of covered equipment. And...
  19. tom3

    Extended Warranty

    And our GMEPP Platinum plan for the 2019 Tahoe runs to April 2027 at 78k miles. With our usual annual mileage (and my age) that will probably last my lifetime.
  20. tom3

    Extended Warranty

    And keep in mind the actual new car warranty: Bumper-to-Bumper 3 years/36,000 miles Powertrain 5 years/60,000 miles Emission Control 2/8 years/24,000/80,000 miles
  21. tom3

    A couple of tips for using exhaust manifold clamps

    I wonder if it would be worthwhile to remove the manifold bolts in a newer machine and put some never seize on them? What's the chances all of them would come out on a four year old engine.
  22. tom3

    Extended Warranty

    For the new vehicle the GMPP is the product. Not really needed I thought. If you wait a couple years the GMEPP is the deal. We just let our OE warranty run almost out then got the extension plan. You can see that in the link listed above.
  23. tom3

    Transmission service, changing bypass thermal valve, part numbers?

    Did a heat test on the substituted temp control valve and it does start to open at 70 deg. Cent. - or 160 deg - seems full open at 80 deg C - or about 180 degrees. Looks externally the same. I see three part numbers for this same valve, must be some sort of upgrade or maybe an internal mod...
  24. tom3

    Bay City MI to Calhoun GA on one tank of diesel

    Don't like that dash setup but sure impressed with those numbers. Don't think my skinny butt would handle a non-stop drive like that with our hard seats though. Hard to beat a diesel on the road!
  25. tom3

    Need help 2019 5.3 p0455 - SOLVED

    One thing I've started doing these days is too just fill up to the first click, then quit. Had a problem with our old Blazer that the code showed a gas tank problem. I checked everything in the system, all good. After several first click fills it just went away and hasn't came back.

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