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Jan 13, 2021 at 7:13 PM
Oct 21, 2009
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2 Door Owners Club, from Florida/ Georgia Line

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Jan 13, 2021 at 7:13 PM
    1. Hollywould
      Is this group active anymore?
    2. 07Burb
      Thanks man :waytogo: it's my pride and joy and is always evolving :)
    3. ajaxnxs
      OIF Vet here too!
    4. NorCal
      The just got the KN Filter and I didn't opt for the complete system. I noticed a little more get-up-n-go off the line but that was about it. Nothing hella drastic.

      The Flowmaster and the MagnaFlow both sounded great. (The MagnaFlow I think sounded just a bit better IMO) I opted for the Flowmaster 3 chamber because is wasn't too loud and I know Flowmaster last a long time before they need to be replaced.

      And no I'm in Santa Rosa, about 90 minutes from Sacramento.

      My German Shepherd pictures are in the works. I'm waiting for my bitch to get a bit older before I show her off. She is an Anrebei All Black German Shepherd and her pedigree is insanely good. My male is very rare as well. He is an east German Red Sable that is purely red with a black mask. Both dogs are line breed 3 generations to eliminate any potential health problems. In addition to that they are both flat backed like German Shepherd's are suppose to be.
    5. norcalpilot
      dude you gotta get way more pics up on your norcal shepard site. I gotta sell some visuals to my wife. we wanna get a buddy for our 120lb yellow lab
    6. norcalpilot
      What up fellow vet!! (AF pilot KC-10 at the moment)...and thanks for the CSAR time!

      hey man a few questions if you dont mind... first off did you get any noticeable HP gain or MPG gain from your K&N? did you do it yourself and which model?(heat shield or not?) i read the thread and I'm torn between KN or AEM. Im pretty easy on my 97 (great condition with 89K) and just drive highway 140 miles a day to work... thus my interest in MPG.

      also... about the exhaust, how did you pick between flowmaster vs others (magnaflow) I had a flowmaster on my 2002 tahoe and need to add to the 2 door. on the fence now after reading the muffler thread.

      ok last one...!! are you in Sacramento? I'm looking for a good shop.

      thanks for your time
    7. NorCal
      (2001-2003) 129th Combat Search & Rescue Wing

      (2003-2004) 144th Field Artillery Battalion

      (2004-2005) 2nd Armored Tank Division

      I spent 6 years in the Air Force but I served almost 2 years attached to Army units.
    8. ravingmadman
      Thanks for serving!!! What unit?
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    Florida/ Georgia Line


    Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran
    1998 Chevy Tahoe LT, 2 inch lift, 33' Duratracs
    New GM Crate Motor installed in 2017.
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