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Oct 29, 2020 at 11:25 PM
Feb 2, 2010
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Oct 29, 2020 at 11:25 PM
    1. 99Yukon_Z71
      The truck has been running like a champ ever since the tune!! I can tow alot better without my converter unlocking, power is increased and my throttle response and torque curve is pretty good. I can snap necks by just tapping the throttle!! What about you? Spring Creek off road is going to get shut down, if it hasnt already by the damn tree huggers, so thats why I asked. Anyways, whenever you are down here, hit me up and we can throw up some mud and hangout!

      Thanks for the info!
    2. 99Yukon_Z71
      Hey man, what places are good for off roading in North texas by spring/i-45 or kingwood/59 etc? I saw you the day of the TX tune, but we didnt get to meet.

      Take care!
    3. JKmotorsports
      Yea. He's been doing all the tuning on my truck. Not sure when I'm going to roll down there. I'm thinking that Saturday and probably getting in towards the end of the day when he has time to retune it.
    4. JKmotorsports
      Thanks man. I havent had a chance to get any numbers or times yet. I just installed a new trans and higher stall converter. I'm going to finish my exhaust setup, swap to a smaller pulley for a couple more lbs of boost, and do a little more tuning in the next couple weeks then I'll get some numbers in.
    5. viximaging
      I hope so. I am waiting on my taxes. Had a hectic year and some how things got messy.. So if everything turns out good and I dont have to pay heck yes I will be getting tuned lol 361-482-9825
    6. viximaging
      Hey man your in Houston? if you ever want to hang out or need help with something hit me up 36-482-9825
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    '02 Chevy Tahoe Z71 5.3L
    -K&N CAI, Flex-a-Lite Monster Elec. fans, Fitch Fuel Filter, EBC YellowStuff Brakes, BFG All-Terrains, Upgraded Shocks, 2x12" Solo-Baric L7 Kicker subs, WeatherTech floor mats, Phillips HID's, Optima YellowTop Battery, Black Bear 93 Tuned, B&M Trans Cooler, Engine FilterMag, Trans FilterMag, Tinted
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