Differential girdle install clearance issues with panhard bar.

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    I thought I'd start a thread discussing the problem I faced when I wanted to install a girdle in order to provide strength to my differential for high horsepower applications or for those who just want to install an aftermarket diff cover with drain/fill plugs but are having difficulty due to how close the stock or even aftermarket panhard bars are to the differential. QA1 makes a panhard that fits the bill perfectly; it is bent outward to provide clearance for this. I previously had the Spohn adjustable panhard bar but it also didn't provide clearance since it ran in a straight line. After installing the QA1 I had no difficulties although my DJM swaybar did interfere at one corner when the suspension was hanging so I had to clear a small corner of the TA Performance girdle. Otherwise I had about 3/8" clearance all the way across. QA1's website doesn't state anything about their panhard being shaped like this in order to help with clearance issues but if you've ever tried to install a girdle on one of our rigs you know what I ran into. Here's the solution I found; thought I'd share. The RTV will be trimmed once my shoulders heal from the MC accident I was just in so yes it looks ragged right now.

    IMG_7117.JPG IMG_7119.JPG IMG_7165.JPG
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