Designing an iPad dash install

Discussion in 'Audio & Electronics' started by bigfootchiro, Mar 29, 2017.

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    Hey y'all! Life has been crazy lately, but I'm back on the forum.

    I got this idea from someone else on the forum (can't remember who), but instead of a Double DIN, I'm doing an iPad install.

    I'm starting off with center console out of an early 2000s GM, like the one attached. Then I will move the climate controls into one of the two cubbies above the cup holders in the console, along with the single DIN JVC KD-X340BTS (which I will explain why I chose this later). The small trim piece that divides the old radio and climate controls will be cut and trimmed, then I will fabricate a backing plate of some sort that will either be magnetized for the iPad, or metal with a magnetic iPad case. The original CD player will be removed and turned into a cubby hole. (See other attached picture). The idea is for the iPad to be easily removable, and being magnetic seems to be the easiest, cleanest, and sturdiest. After looking up specs of different iPad/Tablet models, it looks like anything under a 10.2" screen (Samsung Galaxy Tab) will fit. You can always go larger, but with more fabricating.

    The iPad will be connected via Bluetooth to the JVC headunit, so I can have all touchscreen controls for everything, including navigation, since it will connect via WiFi to my iPhone. Also, I have a WiFi OBD scanner with DashCommand, so I can run additional gauges on the screen, and run OBD scans if any codes get thrown.

    Here's the kicker... the new JVC headunits have an app that allows you to control practically the entire headunit from your Apple/Android device, so the iPad will practically act like a headunit, without having to touch the headunit itself much. This will have much more functionality, be easier, more streamline, and cheaper than buying a Double DIN that is capable of doing all of this. In fact, I don't think any headunit can. I know there's Apple CarPlay, Pioneer has an app that allows you to use some apps from your phone, and some have the ability to mirror your screen from your phone, but they all have glitches and aren't as versatile as using an iPad. Good thing is, if you don't have an iPad, or prefer Android, you can easily swap out this design for a Tablet.

    Keep in mind, I haven't measured everything to a T, and haven't mocked it up completely. I may be wrong on some things, but I know this can and WILL work. It will be a slow process, as I am very busy at the office, but hope to have this done completely in the next couple of months. Next thing I need to do is go to the junkyard and hopefully find a center console.

    Any input, ideas, and advice is welcome! I will keep this thread updated as more ideas and fabricating come along!


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    I've kinda done the same thing but different[​IMG]

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