Can't connect to ecu

Discussion in 'Hybrid General Discussion' started by varycoolman579, Dec 5, 2017.

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    So my trucks been acting up and doing a lot of weird stuff lately, it seems like something an update could solve, considering my truck has never had one I took it to a Hybrid specialist who plugged in his Snap On scan tool in the OBD2 port under my dash, he then told me he cant connect to the trucks computers.
    I found this strange since i use Bluetooth obd2 adapter with the Torque app on my phone and it works fine. Since i don't want to spend $300 and leave my truck for a week, i'm diving into it myself. I think figured out what seems to be the problem, its the OBD2 pins, they don't seem to be in the same places as every other diagram shows. Does anyone know anything about this???


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